The annual Canada Regional Members’ meeting

The annual Canada Regional Members’ meeting was held on 12th September 2012 at Harrison Hotsprings Agashi (British Columbia) an exotic healing spa and springs that were discovered by the native Indians in the 15th century. Later this became a tourist attraction for hundreds of thousands in North America. People flock to this place mainly for holidays and for healing therapies through the naturally heated volcanic water flow from the mountain springs:

The meeting began in the Hotel Board Room at 8 am with Morning Prayer followed by the Holy Eucharistic Celebration. The Homily was shared by all the members. The members had a grand breakfast at the Lakeside Cafe of the Hotel and the meeting continued till 2.30 pm. A number of matters discussed including vocation promotion in Canada; future of Carmel Hill Property and the Little Flower House; the future constructions at the site; the functioning of the Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society; finances and future expansion of Carmelite Houses in Canada. Rev. Fr. Provincial briefed us about Pushpashrama New Building Block; Bajjodi Church; Belur School and Bellary (Hoovinahadagalli) School projects in the course of being realized in the Province through the contributions sent by the Canada Region. The members were delighted to know that a lot of good has been done in the province through their work. Fr. Provincial with the consent of all the members also finalized the Canada Regional Funds to be pooled at Vancouver community. The meeting ended with a prayer by Fr. Provincial who flew to USA the next morning.

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