1st Day of Novena to Infant Mary
30th August


Dear Friends,
This evening, the first day of Novena to Infant Mary, we reflect on facing the FAMILY CRISIS. These nine days novena will focus on the importance of FAMILY in our daily life. We know that all our families undergo lot of problem because of work, sickness, old age, alcohol, problems of children and added tensions from neighbours, friends, and other family members. Hence, we need to pray to our Blessed Mother to help us to cope up with all these situations, so that our families become a dwelling place of joy, peace and happiness. Let us pray for this grace during this Eucharist.


  1. That families will strive to make their homes places where children can hear God calling them by name. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  2. That parents may realize their responsibility to be an example of faith for their children. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  3. For each of us, for our families and our friends, that we respond fully to the call of our baptism, and accept the grace to remain open to God’s call to serve. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  4. That those who feel a call to and desire for priesthood or religious life may find the courage to say yes to what God asks of them. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  5. That young men and women will listen to the Spirit in their hearts and respond to the cry from deep within. Lord Hear Our Prayers

Let Us Pray: God our Father, help us to live a happy family life, in spite of our daily problems and tensions. Be with us through the intercession of Mary our Blessed Mother. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN.


2nd Day of Novena to Infant Mary
31st August

Today we reflect on life. Family is the Cradle of Life. In family life is formed and life grows and matures. When Mary heard from the Angel that her cousin Elizabeth was in her sixth month “she went in haste”. Both Mary and Elizabeth were to become mothers under amazing circumstances. Yet Mary put others before herself and went with eagerness to nurture life in Elizabeth, to lavish her loving care on her aged cousin. And Mary remained with her cousin Elizabeth for about three months during which time she was a vehicle of favours for both Elizabeth and her child John the Baptist. Her service sprang from genuine love and concern. Mary nurtured life in herself and helped others to live a happy life. Let us pray during this Holy Eucharist that we may try to make our families cradles of joyful life.

Prayers of the Faithful:

  1. That our families may respect life in all the forms. That parents be responsible towards children and to their concerns. Let us Pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  2. We pray for the youth of our parish that they may understand the value of life and may not spoil the God given opportunities to understand the complex nature of life. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  3. We pray for all the mothers who carry life in their womb. They may experience peace, serenity and help the baby to grow in a spiritual and healthy way. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  4. For all the children in the world, especially those who are deprived of basic necessities of life, that they may be provided through the generosity of people. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  5. The world leaders may promote healthy programs for the benefit of human growth and conservation. Lord Hear Our Prayers

Let Us Pray:
God our loving Father, we thank you for the gift of life. Without you we are nothing and we cannot live a life that is meaningful. Help us always to remember that life comes from you and you alone have the power to take it back. Guide us in our daily life to respect and foster life. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN.

3rd Day of Novena to Infant Mary
1st September


Today we reflect on healthy Family Rituals. Rituals are traditional values and values that spring from the life of Christ and his teaching. We have wonderful rituals like prayer, praying before and after our meals, praying before our journey, seeking blessings from our parents, cultivating respect to the elders through meaningful gestures and venerating Mary and cultivating her devotion in our Families. Let us ask Mary to bless us with the grace to nurture these rituals and grow with mutual respect for one another and cultivate great love towards God and Mary.

Your Response: Lord Hear Our Prayers

  1. We pray that we may cultivate true values and rituals in our families to keep all the members together in love and joy. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  2. Let us respect the traditions of our grand parents, and learn lessons from them for our own good and for the good of our Children. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  3. We pray for all the teachers and professors to encourage their students, to make best use of their gifts for the benefit of the society. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  4. Today in a very special way we pray for parents, so that they may not act in partiality towards their children. Let them obtain that wisdom to look after their children in an equal manner. Lord Hear Our Prayers
  5. Let us pray for our local, personal and parish needs, so that we all may contribute our share towards common good. Let us pray to the Lord.

Priest Says Let Us Pray..

God our Loving Father, as we celebrate the third day novena to Mother Mary, inspire us to cultivate our family values that strengthen us in our relationship with one another. Help us to respect our parents, grand parents, our uncles, aunts, children and our neighbours. Give us new spirit and enthusiasm to keep what is helpful and cast out all that is not helpful in fostering love, peace, joy and faithfulness. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord. AMEN.


4th Day of Novena to Infant Mary
2nd September

The Eucharist is “the source and summit of Christian Life” (LG 11),  which makes us “really share in the body of the Lord”: in it “we are taken up into communion with him” (LG 7). That is where we realize Eucharist is praise. When we participate in the Eucharist, we experience prayer and praise. We know that Eucharist is the best form of prayer of praise, which carries a direct impact on us and in our relationship with God. It’s a sacrifice that enables us to go beyond every imperfect way of our daily prayer and praise because we commune with God through the very life of Christ. Hence, we pray during this Eucharist that our life may become Eucharistic in every way.

Prayer of the Faithful:

  1. We pray for our Pope Benedict the 16th, for our Zonal Bishop Bosco Penha and all the Bishops of our Diocese, that they may work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God and may be enlightened by the Word of God. Your Response:

Holy Spirit Strengthen Us.

  1. Today we pray in a special way for the youth of our parish, that they may choose their future guided by the spirit of prayer, word of God and the Sacraments. Your Response:
  2. For our Children, in their weakness, solitude, and challenges, they may be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and parents may give them true understanding of God’s love. Your Response
  3. For all those who cannot over come their weaknesses, that they may not be discouraged and disappointed, rather trusting in the grace of God, may continue to fight back against their mistakes. Your Response:
  4. We pray for all the terminally ill of our Parish, that they may surrender to God’s will and deepen their love for the word of God. Your Response.

Let Us Pray:
God our Loving Father, you sent your Son Jesus to give us life, and this life in abundance. Give us the grace and power to transform our lives through the body and blood of your Son so that we live according to your will. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN.


5th Day of Novena to Infant Mary
3rd September

We all need purification. The first part of the Eucharist is a short act of purification. We know through tradition and through Gospel narratives that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before he virtually celebrated the Eucharist. He knelt at the feet of the disciples and washed their feet. That was a prayer on the part of Jesus, a prayer of surrender in the presence of unworthy people, sinful people. That is the prayer of Jesus that had been a life for him, helping and cleansing all types of people in his life. He epitomised his life of service at the feet of his own disciples and invited all of them to imitate him so that people see them doing such service and recognized them as his disciples. Purification is necessary for every type of prayer without which true worship to God cannot be given. Hence, there is need for cleansing of our heart and mind before celebrating the core of prayer in the Eucharist.

Prayer of the Faithful:

  1. We pray for all those who participate regularly in the Holy Eucharist, that they may not lose its importance as the purifying and healing Sacrament. Let Us Pray to the Lord> Lord Hear Our Prayer.
  2. That Eucharist may become truly a life giving source of strength to us. Let us Pray to the Lord
  3. That those who prepare themselves to receive this Sacrament may truly nurture in their lives the Gospel values. Let us pray to the Lord.
  4. When we come to Eucharist, we may be truly purified of all our sinfulness. Let us pray to the Lord.
  5. Help us to make our life truly centered on Eucharistic Spirituality. Let us Pray to the Lord.

Let us Pray:
God our loving Father, as you provided the Israelites with the eternal food from heaven in the desert in the form of manna, so give us true devotion to the Holy Eucharist, that we may be strengthened daily to work and accomplish your will in our life. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord. AMEN.
6th Day of Novena to Infant Mary
4th September

Today we reflect on the SACRIFICIAL ELEMENT OF FAMILY LIFE. Family is the place where one needs to learn to sacrifice. Husband and wife, father and mother, grand parents, children, uncles, aunts, all must know to sacrifice each others life for the sake of building a healthy, happy, and joyful family. In the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, each one sacrificed for accomplishing God’s will in their life. Mary sacrificed so much, so also Joseph to bring Jesus up in their family. Hence, today as we reflect on this theme, let us ask God to bless us with the spirit of sacrifice in our families. For this grace let us pray during this Holy Eucharist.

Prayer of the Faithful:

Your Response: Lord, increase our Faith

  1. We pray for all those who have lost faith in God after long years of waiting to get blessings for their families. Your Response.
  2. Too many concerns in our life have made us lose faith in God. We have neglected prayer and other religious duties. Lord help us always to be conscious of our duties towards you in our families. Your Response.
  3. We pray for all the sick people in our families that they may have the courage and faith to wait for God’s intervention in their life. Your Response.
  4. In this world of uncertainty and many theories we pray that our youth may be protected from false doctrines and teachings. Your Response.
  5. Let us pray for our local and parish needs, that we be true to our vocation, commitment and stay awake with the oil of faith in our hearts and live a committed life in our family. Your Response.

Let Us Pray:
God our Father, help us to live a healthy family life, respecting our parents, loving our children, and taking care of the sick and the aged members in our families. Grant us the patience to live our commitment so that your will may be accomplished. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN.

7th Day of Novena to Infant Mary
5th September

In the Eucharist we celebrate the joy of sharing. It is a meal that gives us the joy of being in the presence of God. We are not only joined to Christ, whom we believe is present with his whole being under the symbols of bread and wine, but we believe that we are joined with all other Christians, with every member of the human race, and with the whole of creation. Christ is in the hearts of all men and women and in the heart of all creation, sustaining everything in being. Eucharist is a meal of celebration. The Eucharist is the celebration of life. In the Eucharist all creation is transformed into the body of Christ, transformed again into his divine person, and thrust into the depths of the Father forever and ever.

Prayer of the Faithful:
Your Response: Lord, Hear Our Prayer

  1. We pray today for all those who suffer injustice and wait patiently at the doors of our courts to get their dues. Your Response.
  2. That we may not neglect prayer in spite of not getting what we pray, that the Lord may find us all just before him. Your Response.
  3. That all people may learn to be just towards their neighbours, especially poor and unfortunate. Your Response
  4. We pray for all the widows and widowers in our parish that they may find security, peace and happiness in the company of their family members. Your Response.
  5. Now we pray for all the local and the needs of our families, that we may continue to foster spirit of prayer and thus continue to trust in the providence of God. Your Response.

Let Us Pray:
God our Loving Father, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in the meal of Christ your son. Help us to grasp its true meaning and thus grant us the grace to be ever faithful to this unique sacrifice, so that we truly become his disciples. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN.


8th Day of Novena to Infant Mary
6th September

Today we reflect on the need for spending time with our loved ones. Jesus was always with his disciples, guiding them, encouraging them and also teaching them. At the end of his life on earth, he set a remarkable example of washing the feet of the disciples. This is the culmination of what he taught during his public ministry. Let us pray during this Holy Eucharist that God may give us the grace to keep our spirit open to his word, and that we may also deepen our knowledge and experience of his Word. For this grace let us pray during the celebration of this mystery.

Prayer of the Faithful:

  1. 1. We pray for our Pope Benedict the 16th, for our Zonal Bishop Bosco Penha and all the Bishops of our Diocese, that they may work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God and may be enlightened by the Word of God. Your Response:

Holy Spirit Strengthen Us.

  1. 2. Today we pray in a special way for the youth of our parish, that they may choose their future guided by the spirit of prayer, word of God and the Sacraments. Your Response:
  2. 3. For our Children, in their weakness, solitude, and challenges, they may be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and parents may give them true understanding of God’s love. Your Response
  3. 4. For all those who cannot over come their weaknesses, that they may not be discouraged and disappointed, rather trusting in the grace of God, may continue to fight back against their mistakes. Your Response:
  4. 5. We pray for all the terminally ill of our Parish, that they may surrender to God’s will and deepen their love for the word of God. Your Response.

Let Us Pray:
God our Father, help us to spend time with our family members. We may be responsible towards our children and life partner. The time we spend with them is the time we will gain for ourselves earning their love, understanding and affection towards one another. Make us true instruments of love, peace, joy and happiness. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord. AMEN.
9th Day of Novena to Infant Mary
7th September

Anger has become the curse of our families. Due to anger so many have left their families and are living in constant tensions and problems. Anger has destroyed relationships, destroyed the loving atmosphere in our families. Besides, anger has created havoc in our society, destroying innocent lives, destroying peace and has led many to live in total fear and anguish. We pray during this Holy Eucharist for the unique grace to over come this sinful tendency of Anger, so that we may all live like Mary living in hope in the Lord.

Prayer of the Faithful:
God Our Father, help us to overcome anger and tension in our families, so that we may give good example to our children. Let us pray to the Lord.

Your Response: Lord make us meek and humble of heart.

We pray for all those who are involved in terrorism. Enlighten them to understand the worth of peace and harmony. Your Response:

Lord make us meek and humble of heart.

We pray for all the leaders of the nations, that they may work for peace and joy in their countries. Your Response:

Lord make us meek and humble of heart.

Lord grant our parents, teachers and leaders the patience they need to do their work and also the happiness of fulfillment. Your Response: Lord make us meek and humble of heart.

Let us now pray for our personal intentions. Your Response:

Lord make us meek and humble of heart.



Good Morning dear brothers and sisters,
Today we celebrate the Birthday of our Blessed Mother Mary. We have prepared well for this great Solemnity, with much devotion. We raised our hearts and minds to her invoking her help and protection. Today let us pray during this Holy Eucharist in a special way for all girl Children. That the Lord may protect them and help them grow in a peaceful and loving way. We pray also for our Dear Bishop Agnelo Gracias, who is with us that the Lord may give him good health of mind and body to serve his people in this Archdiocese. We also pray for ourselves that we all become like Mary, humble, simple and obedient to God and his Church.

Prayer of the Faithful

Your Response: Lord hear our prayer

1)     We pray for our pope, bishops and priests. That they may recognise Mary as their Mother, and experience Jesus at the breaking of the bread and live a life of self sacrifice and love. Let us pray to the Lord.  Lord Hear Our Prayer

2)     We pray for all the sick, aged, lonely and the rejected ones, that they may find real acceptance, joy and consolation in Jesus Christ. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayer

3)     We pray for all of us who are gathered here, that we may become cheerful and generous givers and depend on the generosity of God like Mary Our Mother. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayer

4)     We pray for all the parishioners, animators, and families, that we all may imbibe the values and teaching of Jesus in their lives and learn humility and simplicity of Mary in their life. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayer

5)     We pray for all our youth, that they may be able to take bold step and walk the path of righteousness and love. Let us Pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayer

6)     We pray for little children especially those who feel abused by their parents, uncles, and grand parents, that they may be protected from all harm. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord Hear Our Prayer

7)     Let us pray for our own personal and local needs. Lord Hear Our Prayer












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St. Joseph Church
Mira Road (E)
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Stations of the Cross


Dear Parishioner,
We have ventured into publishing yet another booklet to help us during this Lenten Season (2007). Our Community Prayer book Meeting God Through Daily Prayers has been a land mark in the history of our parish, to help us come closer to God through recitation of Pslams, devotions, and training ourselves for personal prayer. This small booklet containing 4 types of Way of the Cross will certainly complement the daily prayer book, especially during this holy season of Lent. This booklet is the fruit of the work of Fr. Deepak Thomas (Assistant Parish Priest); Bro. Ajith Rodrigues (Deacon) and Fr. Elias D’ Souza (Parish Priest), who generously collaborated in compliling this Way of the Cross. We have acknowledged whenever the author of the Way of the Cross is not known to us.

The object of the Stations is to help the faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer to the chief scenes of Christ’s sufferings and death, and this has become one of the most popular devotions for Roman Catholics.

The Stations themselves are usually a series of 14 pictures or sculptures depicting the following scenes:

1st Station 2nd Station

Jesus is condemned to death

Jesus receives the cross
3rd Station 4th Station

The first fall

Jesus meets His Mother
5th Station 6th Station

Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

Veronica wipes Jesus’ face with her veil
7th Station 8thStation

The second fall

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
9th Station 10th Station

The third fall

Jesus is stripped of His garments
11th Station 12th Station

Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross

Jesus dies on the cross
13th Station 14th Station

Jesus’ body removed from the cross (Pieta)

Jesus is laid in the tom

The Stations of the Cross are images of stories about the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. Most of the stories which make up the Stations were drawn from Scripture, and others, such as Saint Veronica wiping the face of Jesus, were taken from tradition. The route traditionally held to have been taken by Jesus to his death at Calvary (Golgotha) in Jerusalem is called the Via Dolorosa or the Sorrowful Way. A very early tradition developed in the Holy Land to follow the Via Dolorosa, stopping and contemplating the events of Christ’s Passion at sites or Stations where tradition held that they took place. European Christians on Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands brought back the custom of remembering the Passion through various devotions as early as the 4th century.

Some trace the history of these devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary who may have visited the locations of the Passion in Jerusalem after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but most trace the beginning of the specific devotion to Saint Francis of Assisi or his followers in the thirteenth century during the peak of Franciscan devotion to the crucified Jesus. During times when the Muslim occupation of the Holy Lands made Christian pilgrimate especially difficult or dangerous, the Stations were erected in the local churches as a way of bringing Jerusalem to the people. The number and names of the Stations changed radically at various times in the history of the devotion. In medieval versions, the number of Stations varied from 11 to 39.

The term Stations was first applied to these devotions by the English pilgrim, William Wey in 1428, by which time they were already widespread and popular throughout all of Europe. In 1505, Peter Sterchx of Flanders published the highly influential work called Cruysgang (“Way of the Cross”), a guide book to the Stations that did much to develop the devotions as we know them today. The first twelve Stations were placed in their current order by a Dutch writer, Adrichomius in 1584 in, Via Crucis, Way of the Cross. Pope Clement XII fixed the official number at 14, which was confirmed in 1742 by Pope Benedict XIV, and which is still the most common number.

We are grateful to you dear Parishioners for your cooperation, enthusiasm and zest for personal prayer. This booklet can be used whenever you want. They say that Mumbaikars don’t get enough time for themselves, and what about time for God? Well, in spite of not getting time for ourselves, I suggest you to use this booklet at least 6 times in this season, any day during the 6 weeks of preparation for Easter, reading the Way of the Cross silently, meditatively, and enriching yourself and adding your own sufferings to that of Christ’s, so that we all grow spiritually to bear fruits of the Resurrection of Christ in our life.

Fr. Rudolf V. D’ Souza OCD  Parish Priest


Way of the Cross I

Leader: Loving God, as we begin this Way of the Cross, help us to discover through Jesus’ journey how much you love us. Help us to know that we can turn to you in good times and in troubled times. The joy of salvation through Jesus’ resurrection is your gift to us. We prepare to receive that gift by expressing our sorrow for our sins.

All: I confess to almighty God,/ and to you, my brothers and sisters,/ that I have sinned through my own fault/ in my thoughts and in my words,/ in what I have done,/ and in what I have failed to do;/ and I ask blessed Mary, ever virgin,/ all the angels and saints,/ and you, my brothers and sisters,/ to pray for me to the Lord our God.

  1. Jesus Prays in the Garden

Leader: When Jesus and his disciples arrived at the Mount of Olives, he said to them, “Pray now, that you may be faithful to what God wants.” Then he withdrew from them and prayed, “O Holy One, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Yet, not my will but yours be done”. Then he returned to his sleeping disciples and said, “Why are you asleep? Rise up and pray so that you may be faithful.” (See Luke 22:39-46.)

Reader One: Ronnie came to the Church office and cried saying that his father had left them. He had gone away because he was drinking and beating his mother. His mother is a daily worker in houses. She has to feed Ronnie. Ronnie has to accept this Cross.

Reader Two: In the garden, Jesus prayed to do God’s will. He realized his Father wanted him to change his own attitude and approach to death. Ronnie prays to be a faithful son to both his parents and to be a faithful follower of Jesus. How can you remain faithful when circumstances make you feel hopeless?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Betrayed

Leader: While Jesus was speaking, Judas arrived. With him was an armed crowd, to whom Judas had said, “The man I kiss is the one. Arrest him and lead him away under guard.” So Judas went up to Jesus and kissed him. Then they arrested him. (See Mark 14:43-46.)

Reader One: You trust your parents and teachers, sisters and brothers, coaches and leaders, friends and classmates. At times, someone in whom you have faith shatters your trust and it hurts. Jesus had trusted Judas as a friend, as a disciple. And Judas betrayed him with a sign of love!

Reader Two: Have you ever betrayed someone with a sign of love? For example, have you ever smiled at a schoolmate who was walking by, then murmured to a friend, “That stupid, that fool”? How can you be a more faithful friend, brother or sister, son or daughter, teammate or classmate?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Condemned

Leader: The high priest asked him, “Are you Christ, Son of the Blessed One?” Jesus said, “I am. You will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of the Father, coming with the clouds of heaven.” Then the high priest tore his clothes and said, “Why do we still need witnesses? You have heard him. What is your decision?” They condemned him as deserving death. (See Mark 14:56, 61-64.)

Reader One: Christy was called to the Police office and was asked. “Did you steal your mom’s gold? “I never do that!” Christy protested. Investigation revealed that his friend had stolen gold when he had visited his home. That friend denied wrongdoing and blamed Christy. But the police found stolen gold in Christy’s friend’s home.

Reader Two: Many lied about Jesus and he was condemned. How would you respond to a friend who lied about you as Christy’s friend did? How will you find strength to be faithful and truthful?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Denied

Leader: A servant girl said to Peter, “You also were with Jesus the Galilean.” But he said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” When he went out to the porch, another servant said loudly, “This man was with Jesus of Nazareth.” Peter swore, “I do not know the man.” Later, some bystanders came up and said to Peter, “Certainly you are one of them, for your accent betrays you.” Then he began to curse and swear, “I do not know the man!” At that moment the cock crowed. (See Matthew 26:69-75.)

Reader One: Sushanti met Valerian and said, look Val, how is that you betrayed me in the presence of your friends? How could you say such things that were not true? Valerian just pretended as if nothing had happened. Sushanti never again met Valerian. Friendship had ended in a painful separation. People like Valerian are dangerous, and careless. They do not mind betraying simple people and pain them to separation forever.

Reader Two: Jesus was Peter’s friend for nearly three years. When Jesus needed him most, Peter swore that he didn’t know who Jesus was. Fear made him reject his Lord. When you are rejected as Jeremy was by Alex, how will you deal with your feelings of hurt and anger?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Judged

Leader: Pilate wanted to release Jesus and asked, “What evil has he done? I have found him guilty of nothing serious. I intend to give him a warning and release him.” But the crowd screamed to have Jesus crucified. Pilate handed Jesus over and let them do with him whatever they wanted. (See Luke 23:20-25.)

Reader One: “Do it! Do it! Do it!” The screams from the riverbank where friends had gathered for a picnic grew louder and more intense. Joyce looked at the water far below and shuddered. No, she thought, it would be stupid! But I don’t want to be a wimp! The cries “Do it! Do it!” grew louder. Joyce poised to dive, then hesitated. At that moment someone gave her a push and she dived into the unknown. Later, in the hospital, the doctor reminded her that she was fortunate to come away with only broken bones. Why, thought Joyce, did I let them push me to the edge?

Reader Two: Pilate listened to the crowd even though he wanted to free Jesus. How can you find strength such as Joyce needed to make a good choice when everyone else seems to be telling you to choose the opposite?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Crowned With Thorns

Leader: The soldiers clothed Jesus in a purple cloak. After twisting some thorns into a crown, they put the crown on Jesus. They began saluting him, “Hail, King of the Jews!” They struck his head with a reed, spat upon him and knelt down in mocking homage. (See Mark 15:16-19.)

Reader One: Richard was on his way home from his karate lessons when a group of guys grabbed him. They pushed him down in the dirt, then hit him. Then they ran off, yelling, “Show off with your karate, you fool!”

Reader Two: Jesus knew the humiliation of being abused and mocked. Yet he never lost sight of who he was-God’s beloved. So is Richard. So are you. So are those who hurt Richard. Who do you need to see as God’s beloved one?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Carries His Cross

Leader: Then Pilate handed Jesus over to the crowd to be crucified. Carrying the cross by himself, Jesus went out to what is called The Place of the Skull. (See John 19:16-17.)

Reader One: John’s dad had been sick a long time. His mom worked long and hard to support their family. John had been coming home right after school every day to cook, watch his little brother and help his dad. Some days it was just too much. John wanted to play sports and be with his friends. But could not because of these difficult conditions. Well, there are a number of people this kind who never enjoy life, rather are crushed daily under their many crosses.

Reader Two: Jesus carried a heavy cross made of wood. John carried one made of heavy responsibility. How can Jesus help you and kids like Sean carry burdens that seem like too much?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Helped by Simon

Leader: The soldiers forced a passerby, who was coming in from the country, to carry his cross. It was Simon of Cyrene. (See Mark 15:20-21.)

Reader One: When Coach Ashok asked Patrick to come out for the team, Patrick told him that he couldn’t do it. Then he shared the heavy burden of his home life. Though the coach wasn’t forced to help Patrick as Simon was forced to help Jesus, he wanted to help. He offered to contact people who could help. Eventually, members of their parish, the school, and the community hospital worked together to assist Patrick’s family.

Reader Two: Simon helped Jesus carry his cross. Members of Patrick’s community took on some of his responsibilities. Do you know someone with a burden you might help carry?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Comforts

Leader: Among the large number of people who followed Jesus on his way to Calvary were women who were calling out their sorrow and support for him. But Jesus turned to them and said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.” (See Luke 23:27-30.)

Reader One: Precilla avoided her friends. She didn’t call Julie or wait for her after school. Julie saw that Precilla had changed since her grandma died and suspected that Precilla really missed her. She knocked at Precilla’s door one day. When Precilla answered, Julie said, “Thought we could talk about our grandmas. Mine died just before we moved here.” The two friends talked and cried about the fun things they and their grandmas had done together. Precilla no longer felt alone.

Reader Two: Jesus reminded those who followed him to Calvary to weep together for each other. Who is the Precilla in your life? Who needs your comfort?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Crucified

Leader: The soldiers crucified Jesus there with criminals on either side. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” The leaders scoffed at Jesus. The soldiers also mocked him, offering him wine and saying, “If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself!” (See Luke 23:33-38.)

Reader One: “Wait till you hear what I heard about Melinda!” Jane whispered to Jacklyn. She proceeded to tell her a rumor she’d heard. Jane didn’t bother to learn that the person telling the story typically exaggerated everything and was jealous of Melinda as well. The story spread all over the school. Melinda was socially crucified by gossip.

Reader Two: Jesus did an amazing thing for those who crucified him. He freely forgave them even though they had not earned forgiveness. Who has hurt you by gossiping as Janie did? Who has caused you to suffer? Who needs your forgiveness-whether they deserve it or not?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Promises the Thief Paradise

Leader: One of the criminals who was crucified with Jesus taunted him, saying, “Are you not the Messiah? Save yourself and us!” But the other one said, “We are getting what we deserve for our deeds, but this man has done nothing wrong.” Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus replied, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” (See Luke 23:39-43.)

Reader One: When Frank and Jason heard that David’s parents were out of town, the boys decided to party at his house-without asking him. Others heard their plans and spread the word. Dozens of uninvited guests showed up. Some made a mess of the lawn. A fight broke out. David got really angry and called the police. A lot of kids got in big trouble. Jason cautioned Frank, “Keep your mouth shut!” But Frank decided to admit his guilt to David and his parents. “I really messed up. I’m so sorry. I can help fix your yard.”

Reader Two: One thief tried to defend his wrongdoing as he hung on the cross next to Jesus. The other admitted his guilt. Jesus offered the second thief paradise. Hank followed the good thief’s way by admitting what he had done wrong. Who will you imitate when you have done something wrong?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Provides for His Mother

Leader: When Jesus saw his mother and his beloved disciple standing beside her beneath his cross, he said to his mother, “This is now your son.” Then he said to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that moment, the disciple took her into his home. (See John 19:25-29.)

Reader One: Over 50 teenagers gather each week at our Grotto and in our Infant Jesus Hall to honor Mary by praying the rosary. Sometimes friends chide them, “You’re gonna do what? Pray the Rosary? Oh that’s only for old ladies”. But the young people keep gathering and new friends come too.

Reader Two: Jesus asked John, his beloved disciple, to care for his mother, Mary. She is known as the first member of the Church. Are you willing to suffer criticism from some in order to give time to your Church? How can we turn to Mary for help in following Jesus as she did?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Dies

Leader: It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon, because of an eclipse of the sun. Then Jesus cried out, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Then he breathed his last. (See Luke 23:44-47.)

Reader One: Donald, a good guy and was only 17 when he died crossing the railway lines hit by a speeding train. His friends were grief-stricken. Some were angry with God that this happened to someone nice like Donald. Others could not digest this tragedy any more. They just worked to forget it. No one wants to remember a tragedy.

Reader Two: Jesus was innocent and good, but he died. With his dying breath he cried out, giving himself totally to God. How can Jesus’ death help you to deal with major losses like the death of friends as good and true as Greg? Pray for strong faith to help you through life’s difficult times.

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Is Placed in the Tomb

Leader: When evening had come, a wealthy man from Arimathea named Joseph (who was also a disciple of Jesus) arrived on the scene. He asked Pilate for Jesus’ body and Pilate ordered it to be given to him. So Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb. He then rolled a great stone to the door of the tomb. (See Matthew 27:57-60.)

Reader One: “So what’s the big deal about your little sister’s first Communion?” Joy’s teammate challenged. “We’ve got a big game Sunday. You better be there!” Joy was uneasy but he said, “It’s really important. This is a special time and all my family will be there.” His teammate retorted, “Big deal. What is it? Dancing, Rock and Roll?” Joy replied, “No, but it’s really a huge party, plenty of peace and joy with Jesus.” Laughing, the teammate strode away.

Reader Two: Joseph took Jesus’ body and laid it in his tomb. This was a risky thing to do. Joey took a risk, too, defending his belief in Jesus. We might say that Joey wrapped Jesus in his care. When your beliefs are challenged or mocked, how can you wrap Jesus in your care?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

  1. Jesus Rises

Leader: The women found the stone rolled away from the tomb. When they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. Two men in dazzling garments appeared to them and said, “Why do you seek the living one among the dead? He is not here, but he has been raised.” (See Luke 24:1-6.)

Reader Three: “He has been raised.” How have these words made a difference in your life up to now? How can you allow them to guide your life in the future?

All: Lord, help me to follow your way.

Compiled by: Fr. Rudolf V. D’ Souza OCD


(“I Thirst”)


Good morning (good evening) to you my dear friends.


Welcome to this way of the Cross. Today (is Good Friday and) we meditate on the sufferings of Christ and on the great sacrificial mystery, -Christ dying for you and for me.

Let us bring to our minds the scene of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. He is preparing himself spiritually and mentally to carry the heavy cross of our sins. He has in mind to bring us closer to his heavenly Father, by saying enough to our sinful life.

He now gently gets up and comes to visit each one of us. “I have been doing good in your lives but you like the scribes and Pharisees have rejected and condemned me. Why are you crucifying me?”

(Jesus coming from behind singing ‘Oh my people what have I done to you’? 

Jesus: I am happy to see many of you gathered here to take part in this Way of the Cross. I am frightened, all confused. I want to confide my sorrows and sufferings to someone but at this moment everyone has abandoned me. My close friends are watching me from a distance. All along Lazarus, Martha and Mary had been with me in my ups and downs but today they too are far away. Every one has kept me away. I feel the need of someone to accompany me. I look forward that you will give me company in this way of the cross. Friends I sincerely request you to give me the strength to carry my cross. I will be happy if many of you whole-heartedly carry my cross, reflect on my passion and death. 

Jesus: singing” He who drinks of the water… “

Samaritan Woman: Singing “Healer heal me… “ 

Jesus: I am the life giving water, he who drinks of me shall never thirst… Woman I knew you before you came to me. I know that you are thirsty, thirsty of living water, which will cleanse you from all your sinfulness. I came to this world not to call the righteous but the sinners. Parents, youths, children, spinsters, bachelors, priests, nuns… I am the one who can quench your thirst. Come with me and partake in my suffering and death and you will receive that living water that will quench your thirst.

First Station :  Pilate condemns Jesus to death 

Man 1: Pilate, when you have the power to set free or crucify, why did you sentence this innocent man? 

Man 2: You knew it’s because of jealousy, envy that they have handed over Jesus to you. Why did you not stand for the truth and leave him free? 

Pilot: What should I do? If I leave him free, people will stone me to death. Haven’t you heard the slogan: “If you leave Jesus you are the enemy of King Caesar”. On the one side I am really scared and on the other side nobody wants Him. I feel majority is always right. 

Man 2: You said, I do not find any fault in him. So why have you passed judgment on this innocent man? 

Pilate: (Angry) What do you want me to do? Do you want me to leave Him? If I leave Him I will lose my reign. I believe in my daily bread first and then the truth. I wanted to leave him free but I alone know how people frighten me. Whatever it might be I saved my skin. Go bring the basin, I will wash my hands and free myself from this guilt. 

Man 2: Some Pilates still exist in today’s world. 

In Mumbai We have many people in power who keep their mouth shut even if they come across any injustice thinking that they will lose their chair and position. Some say ministers will not like if injustice is brought to light. They fear that their near and dear ones will lose their Government jobs. 

Church: Some of our ways and customs are not pleasing the church. Some go against the Church but we prefer to remain silent thinking of the commotion it might create. 

Village: By gossiping we find faults and blame the innocent people. 

Families: When my family member goes against certain principles of life instead of correcting them we keep silent because they are our own. 

Man 1: (prayer): Dear Jesus, many a time I have judged and condemned others. I have spoiled their name, and failed to stand for the truth. Give me the strength to build the lives of others instead of destroying them by condemning.

Second Station : Jesus is laden with the cross.

Man 1: Jesus, a few days back these people welcomed you with great pomp. Now why they want to kill you? 

Man 2: They wanted to make you their king. You should have a crown of gold on your head. Why this Crown of thorns? 

Jesus: My dear. This crowd is such, when I healed and touched them they admired and praised me. They praised me in mere words, but they did not know what they said. They used me only for their personal gains. They did not take my teachings to their hearts. They felt difficult to live up to my expectation, so I became a threat and they decided to kill me. What hurts me more is not carrying the cross rather people using me for their personal gains.

Man 1: We see this happening in our own society, people exploiting the other for personal gains. Man uses his wife only for sexual pleasures. Youths force their parents to give them all the worldly expensive things. A friend shows concern for others only when he needs him for his or her work. 

Man 2: Lord Jesus, I have failed to consider others as humans. I have used them according to my convenience. Many times I have obeyed only what I like from the Bible trying to avoid the truth and ignore your message, which is applicable to my life.

Third Station :  Jesus falls for the first time 

Lady 1: Jesus get up fast, we have a long way to go. You must be tired. Jesus, ‘should I help you to carry your cross?’ 

Jesus: Thank you my daughter. Among you here there are many whom I helped in different ways. My relatives are silently watching me; some are my neighbors who know me well but are avoiding me now. No one is ready to give me a helping hand. Many are ignoring me today. I also will ignore them before my heavenly Father. My daughter you need not fear I will get up and walk with you in the future. 

Man 2: Do you know when you ignored Jesus today?  When you turned your back on a beggar? When you did not help somebody in trouble and you added to his or her miseries. When you know very well that Jesus is present in the form of bread and wine for every mass but you do not receive him. When I lower others with injustice, backbiting and slandering? 

Man 1: Lord, forgive me; many times even if I know the persons I have ignored them.

Lord, have mercy.

Fourth station :  Jesus meets His mother 

Lady: Jesus, what did you feel looking at your mother? You being her only Son would you be her support in the future? There have been a lot of sorrows and sufferings in her life, and yet another sorrowful episode. Don’t you think she will lament? 

Jesus: Daughter, my mother is not like others. This suffering is nothing for her. Don’t you think she suffered a lot to fulfill my Father’s plans? She became a virgin mother; she did not worry about her name and the people. Instead she bore the insults of others. After all this, do you think she will lament? No! Instead her faith will be strong. This gives me courage and her presence strengthens me.

Man 2: I am a mother; father, brother, sister, priest, nun… Am I an instrument to help people to fulfill Gods plan or am I a weapon of destruction? 

Man 1: Dear Jesus, I have prayed to your mother, recited many rosaries, took part when our lady’s statue came from house to house. But many times I did not visit willingly, sometimes I felt bored and sleepy and have not given you due respect you deserve. I have made fun. My faith is not strong as your mother’s.

Have mercy on us

Fifth Station :  Simon of Cyrene to carrys Jesus’ cross.

Man 1: You know my friend, I feel like helping Jesus. God is silently telling me to help this person to carry his cross.

Man 2: Keep quiet!’ Are You Okay? Will the soldiers keep silent if they hear you?

Jesus: Have you come Simon? Take my cross. Ah! I feel good and I feel much lighter now. I will not forget this favour. My brother, my sister what are you watching, do what Simon has done. Go home and help the downtrodden and those who are longing for help. Whatever you do to the least of my people you have done unto me.

Man 2: Some do not help to carry the crosses of others.

Why should I bother about them? Who cares? We are engrossed with our own problems. Who has the time for you?

Man 1: Lord and Saviour help us to take Simon’s example to help others to carry their cross and make their burden light.

Have mercy on us O Lord, Have mercy.

Sixth station :  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Lady: Veronica how happy you are? You are really lucky. Jesus has imprinted his face on your handkerchief. 

Lady: Where is that handkerchief? I want to see it. My faith will be strengthened if I see it.

Lady: I feel sad sister because today people’s faith is such. Many say they have seen Jesus in the sky. Many say they have seen Jesus in the Eucharist. Others find happiness in offering oil, candles, flowers and various other things. Do these people have the real faith in God? Let us ask Jesus.

Jesus: My dear, these people only want external things. I am always present at the Eucharistic celebration, fully alive in the form of bread and wine. Why are you wandering here and there in search of me?

Man 2: Jesus we are adapting to various styles, which do not belong to you. We beg your mercy for the times we have failed to obey your commandments.

Lord have mercy.

Seventh station :  Jesus falls a second time

Man 1: Get up quickly! What do you think of yourself? You cannot go on lying here.

Man 2: The Son of God it seems! Planning to build the temple in three days! He cannot even lift a cross – come on, get up. 

Jesus:  If anyone slaps you on your cheek, show him the other cheek and if anyone asks you to walk a mile with him, walk four miles instead. 

Man 2: Jesus, the soldiers offended you but you didn’t even say a word to them. They beat you up, you bore everything in silence. With us, it has been different. Whenever someone has caused us the slightest harm we haven’t been able to bear it and we have caused him or her even greater wrong in return. Have mercy onus Lord.

Eighth station :  Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem.

Man 2: Look at Him, condition is so miserable and he wants to comfort others.

Jesus: My child, you have always been first in my mind. When you had nothing to eat, I blessed bread and fish and gave you food. Today, I am going to give up my life, not for my sake but for yours. I feel sorry for these women. Some of them did correct their children when they were small – gave them all that they demanded except love and now they weep. Some children failed in their responsibility to look after them in their old age; they have dumped them in the old aged home. Other children have taken to drugs and liquor and loose living. Both parents and children have failed in their responsibilities.

Lady: Jesus, how kind and merciful you are! Although immersed in pain and agony yet you are so much concerned about everyone else. 

Man 1: Loving Jesus, teach us to be like you. Help us to and try to help others in their troubles. Have mercy on us Lord.

Have Mercy on us O Lord.

Ninth station :  Jesus falls for the third time 

Jesus: I have no more strength left in me. I feel faint Oh! I am too weak to stand. 

Lady: Jesus, leave your cross here. How can you go on if you have no more strength left? Come on; let’s go to Pilate. There, before all people admit that you’ve been a liar; deny that you are the Son of God. Come on, why are you still struggling. Throw that cross away. 

Jesus: My dear sister, when your cross weighs you down don’t give up. The cross is a part of your life. The cross is a part and parcel of every Christian life and the two must go together. I carry my cross and you carry yours and follow me. Don’t run away from your troubles, face them.

Man 2: Here are few examples of the crosses we carry with us – alcoholism, cheating, jealousy, vices, a husband/ a wife, property… 

Man 1: Lord Jesus, help us to bear the crosses in our life. Very often I try to escape my crosses and increase those in other people’s lives by my slander and gossip. Have mercy on us Lord.

Tenth station :  Jesus is stripped off His clothes 

Man 1: Jesus, when you came to earth, you emptied yourself completely for our sake and took the form of a servant – to bring light and love to us all. Now, what have these same people done to you?

Lady: They stripped you of your clothes Jesus, haven’t they? They have cast lots on your garments. Have you nothing to say to them? 

Jesus: My brother, my sister – when we come into this world we come naked and empty-handed. As we grow we get more and more attached to the riches of this world. We try to satisfy the urges and pleasures of our body thus committing adultery, living an impure life, seeing obscene movies and pictures. Even little children are subjected to this evil. To see some of today’s college youth, my heart weeps. It hurts me too much. And so, in order to pay for all these sins of impurity and to bring salvation to these people I must give my own body to be nailed to the cross. 

Man 2: Lord, for several years I have been indulging myself in loose living and sins of the flesh! Help me, by your precious blood to come out of this rut and filthy life.

Have mercy on us Lord.

Eleventh station :  Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Man 2: Jesus, I too want to be crucified with you.

Jesus: My child, do you wish to be crucified? There is no need for you to die on a wooden cross such as mine. There are plenty of crosses in your life to which you can nail your own body. 

Man 1: There are a few things in our life, which we can crucify, our selfishness, jealousy, anger, greed for worldly pleasures. 

Man 2: Loving Jesus, grant that each day I may die to sin and let you abide in me. Have mercy on us Lord.

Twelfth station :  Jesus dies on the Cross

Man 2: during his lifetime Jesus invited everyone to taste the living water and quench their thirst. He thirsted for the salvation of mankind. But many did not realize the worth of the living water except that Samaritan woman and his few disciples. Others condemned him, nailed him to the cross. There on the cross He was thirsty and cried I THIRST, give me something to drink. What a contradiction? Imagine the ‘living water’ asking for a drink

Yes he was thirsty on the cross.  He is still thirsty. And in one or other way we are responsible to this. As he is on the cross shall we ask him where are we going wrong?  

Lady:  Jesus, I am a mother. Do you thirst because of me? 

Jesus: Yes, I thirst for your motherly love. I thirst when you do not bring up your children in a true Christian way. I thirst when you do not help one of the thousands orphan children. If you love me love these little ones too.  

Lady: Jesus, I am a youth. Are you thirsting because of me? 

Jesus: Yes, I thirst for your innocent, dynamic youthfulness. I thirst when you go away from me doing all the evils like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, craving for sexual pleasures, taking revenge on your brothers and sisters” If you love me avoid all these and you will be cheerful and happy.

Lady: Jesus I am a rich person who has enough wealth. Do you thirst because of me? 

Jesus: Yes, I thirst for your generosity, and love. When you spend lavishly on yourself think of my little ones who have nothing to claim of their own, think of  the people who struggle for their daily bread, think of          studious poor  children. If you do something to one of the little ones of mine you quench my thirst.  

Man: Jesus said this and died on the cross… Am I ready to quench his thirst in the manner I can? As Jesus surrendered His life to God for our sake let us surrender ourselves to Jesus that He may lead us to everlasting life.

(Singing ­- all to Jesus)

Thirteenth Station :
Jesus is brought down from the cross and laid in the arms of His mother

Lady: My son, having you in my arms now, I am reminded of your childhood. As a child you would play on my lap and lie asleep in my arms. As you grew up and faced life’s problem you took counsel from me in spite of being the Son of God. It was so hard for me to let you go after thirty years. How could I come in your way and be selfish. You had to fulfill your mission. 

Man 2: How many children today, feel superior to their parents? They disrespect their parents because they are educated and their parents are not. They disregard all the sacrifices the parents have undergone to bring them up. These children are so ungrateful and selfish. On the other hand, many mothers, due to their selfishness do not want to let go of their children. Some object their sons who wish to become priests. Others bring obstacles to their sons’ marriage because they resent having a daughter-in-law share his love. Such parents come in the way the happiness of their children due to their own selfishness. 

Man 1: Sweet Jesus, teach us to be unselfish and care more about others. Let us not develop a selfish attachment to our children.

Fourteenth Station :  Jesus is laid in the tomb

Lady:  Why look among the dead for someone who is alive? He is not here; he has risen.  

Man 2: Truth rises, truth cannot be hidden. Truth is light, truth cannot be destroyed, and Jesus is the truth.

His resurrection shows He is the truth. People who do well endlessly may also suffer endlessly, but they are marching towards victory. People who died for truth are being venerated on earth, and kept in heaven. A war for justice, peace and love never fails. Delayed victory is not a failure. The blood of the just and righteous is the life of the soul. It will rise again with the glorified body. Life has no end when it is lived in truth and goodness. Those who do this, do live with Jesus, and do thirst for Jesus.  

Man 1: Lord Jesus, help me to hold unto truth. And you are the truth, let me thirst and hold on to you alone. Amen.

He who drinks..

I am so happy that each one of you took part in my passion having the desire to quench your thirst. Now you quench not only your thirst but also the thirst of all whom you encounter. In you families try to understand one another, quench their thirst forgiving them, children quench your parents thirst obeying them. Youths by being chaste and obedient quench the thirst of many by your innocent and energetic life. Knowing now that you all are precious to me, you should always thirst for the living water never reflecting back on your sinful life. Amen.

Author: Fr. Lancy Mendonca OCD
Compilation: Fr. Deepak Thomas and Bro. Ajith Rodrigues


Let us begin with an Act of Contrition:

“I am truly sorry for having sinned because you are infinitely good and sin displeases you. I will avoid the occasions of sin and strive in all things to do your holy will.”

THE FIRST STATION : Jesus is Condemned to Death.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee

RESPONSE: Because by the holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

Leaving the house of Caiphas, and dragged before Pilate and Herod, mocked, beaten, and spit upon, His back torn with scourges, His head crowned with thorns, Jesus, who on the last day will judge the world, is himself condemned by unjust judges to a death of ignominy and torture.

Jesus is condemned to death. His death-warrant is signed, and who signed it but I, when I committed my first mortal sins? My first mortal sins, when I fell away from the state of grace into which Thou did place me by baptism; [it was these sins] that were your death-warrant, O Lord. The Innocent suffered for the guilty. Those sins of mine were the voices which cried out, “Let Him be crucified.” That willingness and delight of heart with which I committed them was the consent which Pilate gave to this clamorous multitude. And the hardness of heart which followed upon them, my disgust, my despair, my proud impatience, my obstinate resolve to sin on, the love of sin which took possession of me have made you Jesus carry the cross and hear the sentence which Pilate had pronounced !

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

Lector: Have mercy on us, O Lord.

RESPONSE: Have mercy on us.

 THE SECOND STATION : Jesus receives His Cross

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee.

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross thou has redeemed the world.

A STRONG, and therefore heavy Cross, for it is strong enough to bear Him on it when He arrives at Calvary, is placed upon His torn shoulders. He receives it gently and meekly, nay, with gladness of heart, for it is to be the salvation of mankind.

True; but recollect, that heavy Cross is the weight of our sins. As it fell upon His neck and shoulders, it came down with a shock. Alas ! what a sudden, heavy weight have I laid upon Thee, O Jesus. And, though in the calm and clear foresight of Thy mind –for Thou sees all things–Thou was fully prepared for it, yet Thy feeble frame tottered under it when it dropped down upon Thee. Ah! how great a misery is it that I have lifted up my hand against my God. How could I ever fancy He would forgive me unless He had Himself told us that He under- went this bitter passion in order that He might forgive us. I acknowledge, O Jesus, in the anguish and agony of my heart, that my sins it was that struck Thee on the face, that bruised Thy sacred arms, that tore Thy flesh with iron rods, that nailed Thee to the Cross, and let Thee slowly die upon it.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE THIRD STATION : Jesus falls the first time beneath the Cross.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

JESUS, bowed down under the weight and the length of the unwieldy Cross, which trailed after Him, slowly sets forth on His way, amid the mode cries and insults of the crowd. His agony in the Garden itself was sufficient to exhaust Him; but it was only the first of a multitude of sufferings. He sets off with His whole heart, but His limbs fail Him, and He falls.

Yes, it is as I feared. Jesus, the strong and mighty Lord, has found for the moment our sins stronger than Himself. He falls – yet He bore the load for a while; He tottered, but He bore up and walked onwards. What, then, made Him give way? I say, I repeat, it is an intimation and a memory to thee, O my soul, of thy falling back into mortal sin. I repented of the sins of my youth, and went on well for a time; but at length a new temptation came, when I was off my guard, and I suddenly fell away. Then all my good habits seemed to go at once; they were like a garment which is stripped off, so quickly and utterly did grace depart from me. And at that moment I looked at my Lord, and lo! He had fallen down, and I covered my face with my hands and remained in a state of great confusion.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE FOURTH STATION : Jesus meets His Mother

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

JESUS rises, though wounded by His fall, journeys on, with His Cross still on His shoulders. bent down; but at one place, looking up, He sees His mother. For an instant they just see each other, and He goes forward.

Mary would rather have had all His sufferings herself, could that have been, [rather] than not have known what they were by [staying away]. He, too, gained a refreshment, as from some soothing and grateful breath of air, to see her sad smile amid the sights and the noises which were about Him. She had known Him beautiful and glorious, with the freshness of Divine Innocence and peace upon His countenance; now, she saw Him so changed and deformed that she could scarce have recognized Him, save for the piercing, thrilling, peace-inspiring look He gave her. Still, He was now carrying the load of the world’s sins, and, all-holy though He was, He carried the image of them on His very face. He looked like some outcast or outlaw who had frightful guilt upon Him. He had been made sin for us, who knew no sin; not a feature, not a limb, but spoke of guilt, of a curse, of punishment, of agony.

Oh, what a meeting of Son and Mother! Yet there was a mutual comfort, for there was a mutual sympathy. Jesus and Mary–do they forget that Passion-tide through all eternity?

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE FIFTH STATION : Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his Cross.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

AT length His strength fails utterly, and He is unable to proceed. The executioners stand perplexed. What are they to do? How is He to get to Calvary? Soon they see a stranger who seems strong and active – Simon of Cyrene. They seize on him, and compel him to carry the Cross with Jesus. The sight of the Sufferer pierces the man’s heart. Oh, what a privilege! O happy soul, elect of God! he takes the part assigned to him with joy.

This came of Mary’s intercession. He prayed, not for Himself, except that He might drink the full chalice of suffering and do His Father’s will; but she showed herself a mother by following Him with her prayers, since she could help Him in no other way. She then sent this stranger to help Him. It was she who led the soldiers to see that they might be too fierce with Him. Sweet Mother, even do the like to us. Pray for us ever, Holy Mother of God, pray for us, whatever is our cross, as we pass along on our way. Pray for us, and we shall rise again, though we have fallen. Pray for us when sorrow, anxiety, or sickness comes upon us. Pray for us when we are prostrate under the power of temptation, and send some faithful servant of yours to succor us. And in the world to come, if found worthy to expiate our sins in the fiery prison*, send some good Angel to give us a season of refreshment. Pray for us, Holy Mother of God.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE SIXTH STATION : Jesus and Veronica

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

AS Jesus toils along up the hill, covered with the sweat of death, a woman makes her way through the crowd, and wipes His face with a napkin. In reward of her piety the cloth retains the impression of the Sacred Countenance upon it.

The relief which a Mother’s tenderness secured is not yet all she did. Her prayers sent Veronica as well as Simon–Simon to do a man’s work, Veronica to do the part of a woman.* The devout servant of Jesus did what she could. As Mary Magdalene had poured the ointment at the Feast, so Veronica now offered Him this napkin in His passion “Ah,” she said, “Would I could do more! Why have I not the strength of Simon, to take part in the burden of the Cross! But men only can serve the Great High Priest, now that He is celebrating the solemn act of sacrifice.” O Jesus! let us one and all minister to You according to our places and powers. And as You did accept from Thy followers refreshment in Thy hour of trial, so give to us the support of Thy grace when we are hard pressed by our Foe. I feel I cannot bear up against temptation, weariness, despondency, and sin. I say to myself, what is the good of being religious? I shall fall, O my dear Savior, I shall certainly fall, unless You do renew for me thy vigor like the eagle’s, and breathe life into me by the soothing application and the touch of the Holy Sacraments which [He instituted for us].

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE SEVENTH STATION : Jesus falls a second time.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

The pain of His wounds and the loss of blood increasing at every step of His way, again His limbs fail Him, and He falls on the ground.

What has He done to deserve all this? This is the reward received by the long-expected Messiah from the Chosen People, the Children of Israel. I know what to answer. He falls because I have fallen. I have fallen again. I know well that without Thy grace, O Lord, I could not stand; and I fancied that I had kept closely to Thy Sacraments; yet in spite of my going to Mass and to my duties, I am out of grace again. Why is it but because I have lost my devotional spirit, and have come to Thy holy ordinances in a cold, formal way, without inward affection. I became lukewarm, tepid. I thought the battle of life was over, and became secure. I had no lively faith, no sight of spiritual things. I came to church from habit, and because I thought others would observe it. I ought to be a new creature, I ought to live by faith, hope, and charity; but I thought more of this world than of the world to come — and at last I forgot that I was a servant of God, and followed the broad way that leads to destruction, not the narrow way which leads to life. And thus I fell [away] from You.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE EIGHTH STATION : Jesus comforts the Women of Jerusalem

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

At the sight of the sufferings of Jesus the Holy Women are so pierced with grief that they cry out and bewail Him, careless what happens to them by so doing. Jesus, turning to them, said, “Daughters of Jerusalem weep not over Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.”

Ah! can it be, O Lord, that I shall prove to be one of those sinful children for whom You bid their mothers to weep. “Weep not for Me,” He said, “for I am the Lamb of God, and am making atonement at My own will for the sins of the world. I am suffering now, but I shall triumph; and, when I triumph, those souls, for whom I am dying, will either be my dearest friends or my deadliest enemies.” Is it possible? O my Lord, can I grasp the terrible thought that You really did weep for me–weep for me, as You did weep over Jerusalem? Is it possible that I am one of the troublemakers? Is it possible that I shall lose by Thy passion and death, not gain by it? Oh, withdraw not from me. I am in a very bad way. I have so much evil in me. I have so little of an earnest, brave spirit to set against that evil. O Lord, what will become of me? It is so difficult for me to drive away the Evil Spirit from my heart. You alone can effectually cast him out.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE NINTH STATION : Again, a third time, Jesus falls.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

JESUS had now reached almost to the top of Calvary; but, before He had gained the very spot where He was to be crucified; again he fell, and is again dragged up and goaded onwards by the brutal soldiery.

This is the worst fall of the three. His strength has for a while utterly failed Him, and it is some time before the barbarous soldiers can bring Him to. Ah! it was His anticipation of what was to happen to me. I get worse and worse. He sees the end from the beginning. He was thinking of me all the time He dragged Himself along, up the Hill of Calvary. He saw that I should fall again in spite of all former warnings and former assistance. He saw that I should become secure and self-confident, and that my enemy would then assail me with some new temptation, to which I never thought I should be exposed. I thought my weakness lay all on one particular side which I knew. I had not a dream that I was not strong on the other. And so Satan came down on my unguarded side, and got the better of me from my self-trust and self-satisfaction. I was wanting in humility. I thought no harm would come on me, I thought I had outlived the danger of sinning; I thought it was an easy thing to get to heaven, and I was not watchful. It was my pride, and so I fell a third time.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE TENTH STATION : Jesus is striped, and drenched with gall.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

AT length He has arrived at the place of sacrifice, and they begin to prepare Him for the Cross. His garments are torn from His bleeding body, and He, the Holy of Holiest, stands exposed to the gaze of the coarse and scoffing multitude.

O You who in Thy Passion was stripped of all Thy clothes, and held up to the curiosity and mockery of the rabble, strip me of myself here and now, that in the Last Day I come not to shame before men and Angels. You did endure the shame on Calvary that I might be spared the shame at the Judgment. You had nothing to be ashamed of personally, and the shame which You did feel was because You had taken on Thee man’s nature. When they took from Thee Thy garments, those innocent limbs of Yours were but objects of humble and loving adoration to the highest Seraphim. They stood around in speechless awe, wondering at Thy beauty, and they trembled at Thy infinite self-abasement. But I, O Lord, how shall I appear if You shall hold me up hereafter to be gazed upon, stripped of that robe of grace which is Yours, and seen in my own personal life and nature? O how hideous I am in myself, even in my best estate. Even when I am cleansed from my mortal sins, what disease and corruption is seen even in my venial sins. How shall I be fit for the society of Angels, how for Thy presence, until You burn this foul leprosy away in the fire of Purgatory?

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE ELEVENTH STATION : Jesus is nailed to the Cross.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

THE Cross is laid on the ground, and Jesus stretched upon it, and then, swaying heavily to and fro, it is, after much exertion, jerked into the hole ready to receive it. Or, as others think, it is set upright, and Jesus is raised up and fastened to it. As the savage executioners drive in the huge nails, He offers Himself to the Eternal Father, as a ransom for the world. The blows are struck–the blood gushes forth.

Yes, they set up the Cross on high, and they placed a ladder against it, and, having stripped Him of His garments, made Him mount. With His hands feebly grasping its sides and cross-woods, and His feet slowly, uncertainly, with much effort, with many slips, mounting up, the soldiers propped Him on each side, or He would have fallen. When He reached the projection where His sacred feet were to be, He turned round with sweet modesty and gentleness towards the fierce rabble, stretching out His arms, as if He would embrace them. Then He lovingly placed the backs of His hands close against the transverse beam, waiting for the executioners to come with their sharp nails and heavy hammers to dig into the palms of His hands, and to fasten them securely to the wood. There He hung, a perplexity to the multitude, a terror to evil spirits, the wonder, the awe, yet the joy, the adoration of the Holy Angels.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

THE TWELFTH STATION : Jesus dies upon the Cross.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

JESUS hung for three hours. During this time He prayed for His murderers, promised Paradise to the penitent robber, and committed His Blessed Mother to the guardianship of St. John. Then all was finished, and He bowed His head and gave up His Spirit.

The worst is over. The Holiest is dead and departed. The tenderest, the most affectionate, the holiest of the sons of men is gone. Jesus is dead, and with His death my sin shall die. I protest once for all, before men and Angels, that sin shall no more have dominion over me. This Lent I make myself God’s own for ever. The salvation of my soul shall be my first concern. With the aid of His grace I will create in me a deep hatred and sorrow for my past sins. I will try hard to detest sin, as much as I have ever loved it. Into God’s hands I put myself, not by halves, but unreservedly. I promise Thee, O Lord, with the help of Thy grace, to keep out of the way of temptation, to avoid all occasions of sin, to turn at once from the voice of the Evil One, to be regular in my prayers, so to die to sin that You may not have died for me on the Cross in vain.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

Jesus is taken from the Cross, and laid in Mary’s Bosom.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

The multitude has gone home. Calvary is left solitary and still, except that St. John and the holy women are there. Then come Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, and take down from the Cross the body of Jesus, and place it in the arms of Mary.

O Mary, at last you has possession of thy Son. Now, when His enemies can do no more, they leave Him in contempt to thee. As His unexpected friends perform their difficult work, You look on with unspeakable thoughts. Thy heart is pierced with the sword of which Simeon spoke. O Mother most sorrowful; yet in thy sorrow there is a still greater joy. The joy in prospect nerved thee to stand by Him as He hung upon the Cross; much more now, without swooning, without trembling, You did receive Him to thy arms and on thy lap. Now you art supremely happy as having Him, though He comes to thee not as He went from thee. He went from thy home, O Mother of God, in the strength and beauty of His manhood, and He comes back to thee dislocated, torn to pieces, mangled, dead. Yet, O Blessed Mary, you art happier in this hour of woe than on the day of the marriage feast, for then He was leaving thee, and now in the future, as a Risen Savior, He will be separated from thee no more.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.


THE FOURTEENTH STATION : Jesus is laid in the Tomb.

LECTOR: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee,

RESPONSE: Because by thy Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

BUT for a short three days, for a day and a half– Mary then must give Him up. He is not yet risen. His friends and servants take Him from thee, and place Him in an honorable tomb. They close it safely, till the hour comes for His resurrection.

Lie down and sleep in peace in the calm grave for a little while, dear Lord, and then wake up for an everlasting reign. We, like the faithful women, will watch around Thee, for all our treasure, all our life, is lodged with Thee. And, when our turn comes to die, grant, sweet Lord, that we may sleep calmly too, the sleep of the just. Let us sleep peacefully for the brief interval between death and the general resurrection. Guard us from the enemy; save us from the pit. Let our friends remember us and pray for us, O dear Lord. Let masses be said for us, so that the pains of Purgatory, so much deserved by us, and therefore so truly welcomed by us, may be over with little delay. Give us seasons of refreshment there; wrap us round with holy dreams and soothing contemplations, while we gather strength to ascend the heavens. And then let our faithful guardian Angels help us up the glorious ladder, reaching from earth to heaven, which Jacob saw in vision. And when we reach the everlasting gates, let them open upon us with the music of Angels; and let St. Peter receive as, and our Lady, the glorious Queen of Saints, embrace us, and bring us to Thee, and to Thy Eternal Father, and to Thy Co-equal Spirit, Three Persons, One God, to reign with Them for ever and ever.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.


God, Who by the Precious Blood of Thy only-begotten Son did sanctify the Standard of the Cross, grant, we beseech Thee, that we who rejoice in the glory of the same Holy Cross may at all times and places rejoice in Thy protection, Through the same Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

End with one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be to the Father for the intention of the Sovereign Pontiff.

Compiled by Fr. Rudolf V. D’ Souza OCD


First Station : Jesus is Condemned to Death

Leader: We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee.

All: Because by thy Holy Cross thou has redeemed the world.

Leader: Jesus is clothed in a red robe and a crown of thorns is placed on His head. Jesus’ body is streaking with blood because Pilate orders the centurion to scourge Jesus. The scourges are made of seven leather strips tied to a handle and herding with small lead hammers. Jesus is scourged thirty nine times. 

All: Dear Lord, how much of that blood that streamed down your face and body was because of my sins. I know there are many times that I have condemned the poor and the down trodden. Help me to realize that in condemning them I am condemning you.


Second Station : Jesus takes up His cross

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Jesus leaves Pilate’s house and is taken outside into the street to receive the cross. Before giving Him the cross, they hand a board around His neck with inscription “Jesus Nazarene King of the Jews”. Jesus is week and staggers under the weight of the cross.

All: Dear God help me to be like you especially during the times when I am weak and worn out. Give me the strength to carry my cross without any bitterness in my heart, but let me do it out of love for you.


Third station : Jesus falls the first time

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Jesus is now getting weary. Perspiration and blood tickle down His face from the wounds of the crown of thorns. The shoulders are now weakening under the weight of the cross and finally just before reaching the Judicial Gate, Jesus falls to the ground.

All: Lord these are many times when I give into temptation and fallen into sin. Help me all those times never to give up, but to hold unto you and rise up again. Give me your grace which is sufficient to keep me on the right path.


Fourth station : Jesus meets Mary His Mother

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Jesus is dragged though the streets and reaches a place where Mary His Mother is standing. She is heart broken at the sight of when her only Son is suffering.

All: My beloved Mother Mary, I hope it is not too late for me to say how sorry I am for hurting you and your son. Put your mantle of protection around me so that I may always be protected.

Fifth station : Simon helps Jesus to carry the cross

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Simon of Cyrene is ordered by Longinus to help Jesus to carry the cross as far as the summit. They were afraid that Jesus would die on the way.

All: Dear Lord, help me everyday to give a helping hand to others who are dying in their spirit, discouraged and disappointed. Give me a compassionate heart, so that I may reach out and offer to help someone else to carry their cross.


Sixth station : Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: A compassionate woman emerges from the crowd, and opening her casket, takes out a square piece of very fine cloth. She offers it to Jesus. Jesus presses the soft cool linen cloth to His face. He rewards her act of kindness by leaving an imprint of His Holy face on the cloth.

All: My Lord and my God! Give me the gift of kindness so that I may be kind not only to the poor and suffering, but also to the very people who have hurt me. Jesus, please imprint an image of your face on my heart so that people might see you in me.


Seventh station : Jesus falls the Second time

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Jesus is again tired and exhausted. His woollen garment rubs against the wounds of His scourges, but yet He does not moan. He is now staggering more and more and finally he crumbles to the ground. The soldiers showing no mercy make him get up and carry His cross once again.

All: Dear Lord, what a price you paid for my sins, yet not once did you condemn me. Give me a patient heart so that I may endure all my pain and suffering like you did – with grace and dignity.


Eighth station : Jesus meets the weeping woman

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: As Jesus carries on, on the hot, barren road to Calvary, he takes time to console Johanna, Veronica, Sarah, Marcella, Eliza, Lydia, Anne, and Valerie the daughters of Jerusalem. He urges them no to weep for him, but for their own sins and the sins of their children.

All: Lord even in the midst of your pain and suffering you made no time to console the weeping women. Give me a considerate heart like yours Lord, so that even in the midst of all my trials and tribulations, I might find the time to comfort those in need.


Ninth station : Jesus falls the third time

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: As Jesus gets nearer to the place where he was to be crucified, His strength fails him once more; and he falls to the ground. The soldiers mercilessly force him to get up and finish his journey.

All: Lord Jesus, so many times in my life I repeatedly keep sinning and falling to the ground. Sometimes I even feel like giving up. During those painful moments help me to remember that you never gave up as me. Even though the journey was intolerable, you walked that road to Calvary for my sake, so that I can be happy.


Tenth station : Jesus is stripped off His clothes

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Jesus has now reached outside the city walls, to the north-west where the executions are held. Here on the top of Calvary the executioners order Jesus to undress and offer him a rag to put around his waist. Mary noticing this removes her long thin white veil covering her head under her dark mantle and hands it over for her son to use. Jesus then wraps his mother’s linen veil several times around His waist.

All: Dear Jesus, even though the soldiers stripped off your clothes, your bleeding body stood silently in prayer. How many times people have stripped me of my reputation by falsely accusing me? Help me Lord in times like these to reach out you for the grace to stay calm.


Eleventh station : Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Two executioners sit on Jesus’ chest in order to hold him to the ground. The third holds his right arm down and the fourth executioner points the nail on the wrist and rams the hammer to give the first stroke. Jesus closes his tear-filled eyes and bears the pain severely. Both his feet are placed on the cross and a nail twice as long and thick, is hammered into his feet. The whole of Calvary is filled with the harsh sound of iron.

All: My Jesus, how much you have suffered for my sins. Help me to realize that every time I sin it is like nailing you to the cross once again. Whenever I feel unloved, give me the wisdom to realize that you loved me enough to die for me.


Twelfth station : Jesus dies on the cross

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: The cross is now lifted up and made to stand erect. The weight of the body now moves forward and downwards. The holes in his wrists and feet widen and blood drips continuously. Even though his entire body is trembling in pain, Jesus remains silent, hanging between two criminals. When he hears the Jews taunting the repentant criminal, Jesus cries out “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. There is dead silence and the darkness deepens and before the death rattle gets fainter Jesus breathes his last words “Father into thy Hands I commend my spirit”. His head then falls on his chest and he dies.

All: My dear Lord by your cruel death on Calvary you gave me a place in eternity. Help me to value my life more so because it is no longer mine but yours, since you paid the price for it with your blood. Help me to regard my body as a temple of God. Give me a forgiving heart like yours.


Thirteenth station :  Jesus is taken down from the cross

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: Joseph Nicodemus climb up the ladders with levers and tongs. Jesus’ left palm is freed from nails first and it falls along the body which is now hanging semi-detached. John climbs up as well and holds on to Jesus by his arms. Joseph and Nicodemus release the right arm and the long nail in his feet and holding Jesus by his knees and thighs they carefully bring him down into the lap of His mother.

All: Dear Jesus, has your sorrow really ended in death? The way I live, does it bring you joy or sorrow? They nailed your hands and feet here on earth that I may always do your will. Give me a loving heart like yours so that I can love all types of people unconditionally.


Fourteenth Station : Jesus laid in the tomb

Leader: We adore.

All: Because by.

Leader: All are saddened at the death of Jesus, especially his mother. No one can console her. All those who hated Jesus must have gone home, regretting what had happened on Calvary. A few faithful friends of Jesus, though with great fear help him to his tomb. Nicodemus is generous to give his tomb to Jesus. He is to be remembered till today for his generosity. Jesus will rest for a while from now.

All: Jesus now that your passion and death accomplished my salvation, you can rest. You are not going to rest for long, because as you have told your disciples that you would rise again to life, to life eternal and to be with you Father forever. Help us always whenever we see someone dying, to renew our commitment to your Resurrection. We know that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life in you.

Let Us Pray: Lord Jesus, we thank you for your grace to do this Way of the Cross. You have helped me to go through your life of suffering so that I may accept my own sufferings and help those who are suffering more than me. Keep me always enthusiastic in my life of work, family and in my society, so that all that happens around me will make me experience the fruits of your redemption. We make this prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Author: Anonymous
Compiled by: Fr. Deepak Thomas OCD and Bro. Ajith Rodrigues (Deacon)



God of mercy and compassion
Look with pity upon me
Father let me call thee Father,
’tis thy child returns to Thee

Jesus Lord, I ask for mercy
Let me not implore in vain
All my sins I now detest them
Never will I sin again

By my sins I have deserved,
Death and endless misery
Hell with all its pain and torments
And for all eternity.


Into your hands
We commend our Spirit O Lord
Into your hands, we commend our hearts
For we must dies to ourselves in loving you
Into your hands we commend our love

O God, my God, why have you gone from me,
Far from my prayers, far from my cry?
To You I call and You never answer me
You send no comfort and I don’t know why!

Our fathers trusted and You delivered them,
To you they cried and they escaped
In You they trusted when darkness came their way
An in Your goodness, You set them free.


We hail Thee, Saviour and Lord,
Thy Cross ever be adored!

O Cross, thou art the fountain
Of love and of liberty
Shine down upon the millions
Who search for the light of truth

Look down upon the needy,
Confirm them in strength and grace
Thou art our true salvation,
In thee all our hope we place

Be Thou our sing of vict’ry
Redeem us from sin and strife
Renew in us thy passion
And grant us eternal life. 


O Cross, erected above the world
Cross of our Saviour King!       (2)

Font from which gushed the waters
Straight from the wound in His side
Filling our lives with His gift of grace
Cross of our Saviour King!

O Cross sublime and refulgent tree
Cross of our Saviour King!           (2)

Jesus through thee, has saved us
Great was the price that he paid
Thou art the folly of love divine
Cross of our Saviour King!

O Cross thou channel of grace divine
Cross of our Saviour King!          (2)

Tree on which death was conquered
Thou the first altar of love
Jesus the Lamb gave his life on thee
Cross of our Saviour King!


My people, what have I done to you?
How have I afflicted you, Answer me.

I let you our of Egypt, from slaver to freedom
But you let your Saviour to the Cross

I opened the sea before you
But you opened my side with a spear

I gave you saving waters from the rock
But you gave me gall and vinegar to drink.


Soul of my Saviour, sanctify my breast
Body of Christ be, Thou my saving guest
Blood of my Saviour, bathe me in thy tide
Wash me ye waters, gushing from His side.

Strength and protection, may his passion be
O Blessed Jesus, hear and answer me,
Deep in thy wounds Lord, hide and shelter me,
So shall I never, never part from Thee.

Guard and defend me, from the foe malign
In deaths drear moments, make me only Thine,
Call me and bid me, come to Thee on high
Where I may praise Thee, with Thy saints for aye.





Remember O most amiable most benevolent, most kind and most merciful Father St. Joseph, that the great St. Teresa, assures us, that she never had recourse to thy protection without obtaining relief. Animated with the same confidence, O dear St. Joseph, I come unto thee, and groaning under the heavy burden of our many sins, we prostrate ourselves at thy feet. O most compassionate father, do not, we beseech thee, reject our poor and miserable prayers, but graciously hear and grant our petitions. Amen.

Ant. Joseph, son of David, fear not to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is so of the Holy Spirit.  She shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name Jesus.`

  1. Pray for us, Holy Father St. Joseph,
  2. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


We beseech you, O Lord, that the merits of the spouse of you most Holy Mother may avail on our behalf and that we may obtain by his intercession the graces which of ourselves we cannot deserve. Who live and reign for ever.  R. Amen.




In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O white lily of purity, sublime example of poverty, true mirror of humility, resplendent star of sanctity, O glorious St.  Anthony, who didst enjoy the sweet privilege of receiving into thy arms the infant Jesus, I beseech thee to take me under thy powerful protection. Thou, in whom the power of working miracles shines forth among, the other gifts of God, have pity upon me and come to my aid in this my great need. (Make your petition) Cleanse my heart from every disorderly affection, obtain for me a true contrition for my sins, and a great love of God and of my neighbour that, serving God faithfully in this life, I may come to praise, enjoy, and bless Him eternally with thee in Paradise.  Amen.

  1. Pray for us, St. Anthony.
  2. That we may made worthy of promises of Christ.


Most merciful Jesus, who hast glorified in an  admirable manner Thy holy confessor, St. Anthony , by continued miracles, give us Thy grace to feel assured that we shall obtain through his intercession and merits  what we ask in confidence. Who livest and reignest with God the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever, Amen.




  1. COME HOLY GHOST (Kneel)

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest,
And in our Souls take up thy rest,
Come with thy grace and heavenly aid,
To fill the hearts which thou hast made.

  1. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created:
    R.  And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

O God, who didst teach the hearts of thy faithful people by sending them the light  of the Holy Spirit,  grant us by the same spirit, to have a right judgment in all things, and evermore to rejoice in his holy comfort, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


(‘Here,O God is my sacrifice, a broken spirit, a heart that is humbled and contrite, thou, O God, will never disdain; ps. 50. 19)

My God, I believe in thee, I hope in thee, I love thee above all things with all my soul, with all my heart and with all my strength: I love thee because Thou are infinitely good and worthy of being loved: and because I love thee, I repent with all my heart of having offended thee:  have mercy on me a sinner Amen.


(To gain the indulgences attached to this Novena in this Church.  )

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven, Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us: and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Glory be to the father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end.  Amen.


We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God despise not our petitions in our necessities but ever deliver us from all dangers O glorious and blessed Virgin.

PriestO Mother of Perpetual Succour thou whose very name inspires confidence
People: Help me, O loving Mother.

Pr. That I may love and serve God with all my heart
Pe  Help me, O loving Mother.
Pr. That I may never neglect prayer
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. In temptations against the holy virtue of purity
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. That I may quickly rise again should I have the misfortune to fall into sin
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
PrThat I may labour zealously to get rid of my sinful habits
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. That I may courageously resist the seductions of the world, evil companions, bad  books and films.
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr  That I may often and devoutly receive the Sacraments and fulfill  my Christian duties and the duties of my state.
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. That I may be patient and resigned in all trials and troubles of life
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. In sickness and pain, in poverty and distress
Pe. Help me, O loving mother
Pr. That I may not delay my conversion from day to day
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. That I may ever love and serve thee and invoke thy assistance
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. That I may be able to lead others to love, serve and pray to thee
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. When death is near and I am about to pass into eternity
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother
Pr. To my last hour, to my last breath do thou watch over me
Pe. Help me, O loving Mother.
Pr. Pray for us O Mother of Perpetual Succour
Pe. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

O Almighty and merciful God who in order  to assist the human race hast willed the Blessed Virgin Mary to become the Mother of Thy only begotten Son  grant we beseech thee that by her intercession we may  avoid the contagion of sin and serve Thee with a pure heart Through  the same Christ Our Lord . Amen


O  Mother of Perpetual Succour behold me a miserable sinner at thy feet.  I have recourse to thee and put my trust in thee O Mother of Mercy, have pity upon me, I here thee called by all the refuge and my hope of sinners: be then my refuge and my hope, Succour me for the love of Jesus Christ: stretch forth thy hand to me, a poor sinner who recommend and dedicate myself to thee as thy perpetual servant. I bless and thank God for having in His Mercy given me this confidence in Thee, the pledge, as I believe of my eternal salvation  Alas, too often in past times have I miserably fallen because I had not recourse to thee  I  Know that with thy help I shall conquer.  I know that thou wilt help me if I recommend myself to thee, but I fear lest in the occasion of falling I should cease to call upon thee and so should lose my soul.  This then is the grace I seek from Thee, and I beg of thee, as far as I know how and can , to obtain it for me,  namely, in the assaults of hell, always to have recourse to thee and to say to thee: O Mary, help me. Mother of Perpetual Succour, suffer me not to lose my God.  Amen.

Pr.                  Mother of Perpetual Succour
Pe.                 Pray for thy Children.

Hail Mary... (repeat three times)

Holy Mary, succour the miserable, Help the faint hearted, cheer those that weep, pray for the people, be the advocate of the cleargy, intercede for all devout women, let all feel thine aid, who implore thy perpetual succour.

Pr :      Thou, has been made for us O lady, a Refuge.
Pe:      A helper in need and tribulation.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who hast given us Thy Mother Mary, whose wondrous image we venerate, to be our Mother ever ready to succour us, grant, we beseech Thee, that we, who earnestly implore her maternal aid, may deserveto enjoy perpetually the fruit of Thy redemption. Who lives and reigns world without end. Amen.

  1. 7.    HYMN- MOTHER DEAR OH PRAY FOR ME            

Mother dear, Oh, pray for me
Whilst far from Heaven and thee,
I wander in fragile bark
O’er life’s tempestuous sea.
O Virgin Mother, from Thy Throne,
So bright in bliss above,
Protect thy child, and cheer my path,
With thy Sweet smile of love.


Mother dear, Oh pray for me
And never cease thy care:
Till in Heaven eternally,
Thy love and bliss I share.




Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided.  Inspired with this confidence. I fly to thee, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother; to thee I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.  O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.  Amen.

  2. Our help is in the name of the Lord,
    R.   Who made heaven and earth.V.   Lord, hear my prayer
    R.   And let my cry come unto Thee.V.   The Lord be with you.
    R.   And with you also.

Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord God that these Thy servants may enjoy perpetual health of mind and body: and by the glorious intercession of Blessed Mary, ever Virgin, be delivered from present sorrow and enjoy eternal gladness Through Christ our Lord Amen.

(Extending his right hand towards the sick)

May the Lord Jesus Christ be amongst you, to defend you: within you: to preserve you: before you, to guide you: after you to guard you: above you to bless you: who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

Through the intercession of our Mother of Perpetual Succour may the blessing of Almighty God, + Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, descend upon you and remain with you forever .  Amen.


Mary from thy sacred image,
With those eyes so sadly sweet,
Mother of Perpetual Succour,
See us kneeling at thy feet.

In thy arms thy Child  thou bearest
Source of all thy joy and woe:
What thy bliss, how deep thy sorrows,
Mother, thou alone canst know.



“To be with the children of men is my happiness” says the Lord.

Jesus lived among the people as a friend and helped them in their needs. He healed everyone who had faith in him and came to be known as a spiritual physician. Here represented as a Child, He stretches out His helping hand, to all of us in all our needs and cares. “The more you honour me, the more will I bless you”, says the Infant Jesus.



O Holy Infant Jesus, through your life on earth, you revealed to us many marvels your hidden power. So now bless us abundantly with your uplifted hand and graciously deign to hear the petitions of those who call upon you in faith and trust. Amen.

OUR FATHER..And the word became flesh, And dwelt among us. (3)

HAIL MARY..And the word became flesh, And dwelt among us (12)

GLORY BE…..O Infant Jesus, bless us and hear our prayers (3)


O Miraculous Infant Jesus, look upon us, as we, turn to you, imploring your assistance in our needs and anxieties. Let your compassionate heart be moved to pity by our supplications and grant us the favour which we ardently implore you. Free us from all affliction and despair, all trials and misfortunes and give us your support and consolation so that we may praise you with the Father, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

Hymn, Scripture Reading, Reflections.


            O Most generous Infant Jesus, we on our knees before your Sacred Image, have come to express our deep thankfulness to you for all the favours we have received at your hands. We believe, Jesus, that together with the father and the Holy Spirit you are Creator and Saviour. Henceforth, we place all our trust in you. Through this miraculous statue, may your devotion be spread throughout the world and may all Christians pay homage to your Childhood and gain thereby untold divine blessings and favours. All praise and honour be to the Infant Jesus. Amen.


May the Lord Jesus be with you to defend you; may He be with you to sustain you; may He go before you to show you the way; may He follow you to guard you; from above may He bless you with Father and the Holy Sprit who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

May the Almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Most merciful Jesus.  Thy goodness is infinite and the treasure of Thy Grace inexhaustible. I have infinite Trust in Thy Mercy, which is above all Thy works. I surrender myself to Thee entirely and without reserve that I may thus live and strive for Christian Perfection.  I desire to spread Thy Mercy through the performance of both spiritual and corporal works of Mercy, particularly in converting sinners, in consoling and aiding the needy, the afflicted and the sick.

Guard me, then as Thy possession and Thy glory, for  while I have everything to fear from  my  human weakness, at the same time I have everything to hope for from Thy Mercy.  May all men come to know the fathomless depths of Thy Mercy, to confide in it and to glorify it forever.  Amen.

Jesus, I trust in Thee!




O glorious Virgin Mary, Queen of Carmel, Mother of God, and poor sinners, special protectress of all those who wear the holy Scapular, we supplicate you, by the glory that has been accorded you by the Incarnate Word in choosing you for His Mother, to obtain for us the pardon of our sins, amendment of life, consolation in our pains, and in particular the grace we ask in this novena, provided it be conformable to the will of your divine Son. Amen.

Hail Mary (thrice), Glory be.

V        Our Lady of Mount Carmel
R        Pray for us


Miscellaneous Prayers and Acts



Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for being with us till the end of time.  You are present among us in word and sacrament.  You are also present in our homes, for you have said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name there I am among them.”  We come to you today with a great desire to belong to you more closely and to discover you more fully as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

To St. Margaret Mary you revealed your great wish to be the Centre of all families.  You promised to bless, in a special way, all those who concentrate themselves and their homes to your  Sacred Heart.  Each one of us here has already been consecrated to you in Baptism.  Today, we wish to renew this consecration with our whole heart.  We commit ourselves to you, as individuals and as a family, by our consecration to your Sacred Heart.  We desire to be true to you and to your Church, in our family values, our relationships and entertainment, and to be of service for your Kingdom, all the days of our life.

Lord Jesus, be with us now and always.  Bind us together-in your love.  Open our hearts to serve those in need.  Sustain us in our daily struggle to be true to your Gospel.  Take away all useless worry and anxiety.  Be with us particularly in times of sickness and suffering.  Direct us in our moments of doubt.  Protect us from the snares of the Evil One.

Sinners though we are, we still trust in your infinite love and mercy.  When we go along our selfish way and do wrong, follow us closely, like the Good Shepherd in search of the lost sheep.  In your goodness and love lead us safely back to your fold.

Be close to us in a special way at the hour of death.  Grant us perfect peace as we surrender ourselves to God in the dying moments of our life.  To those of us who are left behind, grant courage and strength.  May we live in the hope of one day being reunited as one family in your family in your heavenly Kingdom.  To you be glory, honour and praise forever.  Amen.


Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of heaven,                                    Have mercy on us
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,                                  ”
God the Holy Sprit,                                                          ”
Holy Trinity one God,                                                        ”
Heart of Jesus,
Son of the Eternal Father                                                  ”
Formed by the Holy Spirit in the
Womb of the Virgin Mother,                                               ”
Hypostatically united to the  Word Of God,                           ”
Infinite in Majesty,                                                           ”
Holy temple of God,                                                          ”
Tabernacle of the Most High,                                              ”
House of God and gate of Heaven,                                      ”
Glowing furnace of charity,                                                ”
Abode of justice and love,                                                 ”
Abyss of all virtues,                                                          ”
Most worthy of all hearts,                                                  ”
Wherein are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,          ”
Wherein abides the fullness of the Godhead,                          ”
In which the Father is pleased,                                          ”
Of whose fullness we have all received,                               ”
Desire of the everlasting hills,                                             ”
Patient and abounding in mercy                                          ”
Rich unto  all who call upon you.                                        ”
Source of life and holiness                                                ”
Overwhelmed with insults,                                                ”
Bruised of our sins,                                                         ”
Made obedient even unto death,                                       ”
Pierced with a lance                                                       ”
Source of all consolation,                                                ”
Our life and consolation                                                  ”
Victim for sinners,                                                          ”
Salvation of all who trust in you,                                      ”
Hope of all who die in you,                                              ”
Delight of all the Saints.                                                 ”
Lamb of God, who take away the sin of the world,     Spare us O Lord.

Graciously hear us O Lord, Have  mercy on us.

  1. Jesus meek and humble of heart
    VI. Make our heart like unto Yours.

Let us pray
Almighty and eternal God, look upon the Heart of Your well beloved Son, and upon the praise and satisfaction, He offers you on behalf of sinners, and being appeased, grant pardon to those who seek Your mercy, in the name of the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, world without end.  Amen.


O Most holy Virgin! You were chosen by the most adorable trinity from all eternity to be the most pure Mother of Jesus.  Permit me your humble and devoted client, to remind you of the joy you received at the instance of the most sacred incarnation of the Divine Lord, and during the nine months you carried Him in your chaste womb.   I wish you most sincerely that I could renew, or even increase that joy by the fervour  of my prayers.

O tender Mother of the afflicted! grant me under my present necessities that special protection you have promised to those who devoutly commemorate this ineffable joy.  Relying on the infinite mercies of  your Divine Son, trusting that those who ask should receive and penetrated with confidence in your powerful prayers, I most humbly entreat you to  intercede for me.  I beg you to obtain for me the favours which I petition for in this novena, if it be the Holy will of God to grant them; and if not , to ask for me whatever graces I most stand in need of (Here specify your request) 

I desire by this novena which I now offer in your honour, to prove the lively confidence I have in your intercession.  Accept it I beseech you, in honour of that supernatural love and joy, with which your Immaculate Heart replenished during the abode of your Divine Son in your womb, in veneration of which I offer you the sentiments of my heart. (Repeat the Hail Mary nine times) 

O Mother of God, accept these salutations in union with the respect and veneration with which the angel Gabriel first hailed you “full of grace.”  I wish most sincerely that they may become so many gems in the crown of your  accidental glory, which will increase in brightness to the end of the world.

I beseech you, O comfortress of the afflicted, by the joy you received, when the Word was made flesh, to obtain for me the favours and graces which I have know implored through your powerful intercession.  For this end I offer you all the good works which have ever been performed in your honour.  I most humbly entreat you for the love of the amiable heart of Jesus with which yours was ever so inflamed, to hear my humble prayers and obtain my request.  Amen. 


Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
God the Father in heaven,                                         Have mercy on us
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
God the Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity,
One God,                                                                   pray for us
Holy Mary Mother of health
Our Lady of Health, predestined by                                         ”
God even before the creation of the world.
Our Lady of Health, made known to the                                   ”
Angels as soon as they were created.
Our Lady of Health, revealed to Adam in the Garden of Eden.
Our Lady of health the Morning Star fortold by the prophets.
Our Lady of Health, the cloud that brings rain to the world.
Our lady of Health, the vessel of goodness.
Our Lady of Health, called holy before your birth by the Patriarchs.
Our lady of Health, conceived without Original Sin.
Our lady of Health, who crushed the head of Satan.
Our lady of Health, born of the highest
Family of the descendants of the sixteen kings that ruled Israel.
Our lady of Health, the child of the Holy Joachim and Anne.
Our lady of Health, the fruit of their prayers and good deeds.
Our lady of Health, adorned with more Brighteness than all the angels and the Saints.
Our lady of Health, who came into the world With the greatest piety.
Our lady of Health, who has been favoured With divine consolation in addition to divine Grace.
Our lady of Health, more righteous than all the saints.
Our lady of Health, who at birth was gifted with a heavenly light.
Our lady of Health, whose birth brought joy to those in heaven.
Our lady of Health, offered up to god soon after birth.
Our lady of Health, who received sweet name, Mary.
Our lady of Health, presented in the  temple at the age of three years.
Our lady of Health, who walked for most in The virginity.
Our lady of Health, who was model to all While in the temple.
Our lady of Health, who relieves the sufferings Of the sick.
Our lady of Health, the unfailing help of those That trust in you,
Our lady of Health, the heavenly crown of all The saints.

Lamb of God who take away the sin of the world
–   Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God who take away the sin of the world
–   Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God who take away the sin of the world
–   Have mercy on us.

We fly to patronage, O holy mother of God; despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us from all dangers, O ever glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.

  1. Pray for us, O Mary, conceived without original sin.
    R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray
O God , who in your unspeakable providence chose the blessed Virgin Mary to be your  own most holy mother, mercifully grant her prayers on our behalf, so that we may enjoy the happiness of heaven for all eternity.  Amen.


(24th Nov – 2nd Dec) (Feast 3rd Dec)

O devoted servant of God, St. Francis Xavier, the Father filled you with special gifts while on earth and made your heart a furnace burning with love for Jesus.  Impelled by this love, you went from country to country and spent yourself unto death to proclaim the Name of Jesus and the Good News of salvation.

For this total offering of your life God rewarded you with a high degree of glory in heaven and preserved your body from corruption here on earth.  Filled with joy for these unique    gifts, we (I) join you in praising the Father.

We (I) too have received the  priceless gift of the faith you proclaimed.  So we (I) ask you to obtain that our hearts (my heart) too may burn with the same love of  Jesus and be filled with a thirst for making Him known to other men.  Show us (me) how in our (my) own state and condition of life we are (I am) to fulfill this duty of our (my) Christian calling and may our (my) entire life be, according to the teaching of Jesus, a brightly shining light.

We (I) place before you also our (my) other needs and the earnest desires of  our hearts (my heart)..(mention your special request).  We (I) ask you to intercede for the fulfillment of these desires if they are pleasing to the Father.  And for everything together with you we (I) praise the Father, though Jesus, in the Spirit, Amen.


O Most Holy Mary, Immaculate Virgin and Mother, Queen of the angels and saints, and refuge of sinners Our Lady of Mount; I salute thee with the  most profound veneration and filial devotion.  I thank thee for thy maternal protection and the many blessings that I and many others have received through thy blessings that I and many others have received through thy wondrous mercy and most powerful intercession.  O help of Christians,  O Queen and Mother of India I have recourse to thee with unbounded confidence.  I beseech thee to hear my prayer and to obtain for me of thy divine Son the favour I request in this novena, if it be to the glory of God, to thy honour and for the good of my soul.  Amen. (Make your petition)

  1. O Mary conceived without sin.
    R.  Pray for us, who have recourse to thee.

Let us pray
O most sweet and merciful Jesus, who has given us to venerate thy most Blessed Mother under the special invocation of Our Lady of the Mount; graciously grant that amid all the changes of this our life, we may be so defended by the constant protection of the same Immaculate and ever Virgin Mary, as to be able to attain to the reward of thine eternal redemption.  Who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.


The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.
And she conceived of the  Holy Ghost.
Hail Mary.

Behold the handmaid of the Lord.
Be done unto me according to the word.
Hail mary..

And the word was made flesh.
And dwell among us.
Hail mary.

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray,
Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts; that we to whom the whom the incarnation of Christ Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by his passion and cross be brought to the glory of his resurrection; through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Glory be (3)

Regina Coeli
Queen of Heaven, rejoice,

For he whom you did merit to bear,

Has risen as he said,

Rejoice and be glad, Virgin Mary,

For the Lord has truly risen,

Let us pray
O God , you were pleased to give joy to the world through the resurrection of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Grant we beseech you, that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may come to possess the joys of life everlasting, through the same Christ our Lord.

Glory be (3)


I b
elieve in God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended to the dead. On the third day He rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right5 hand of the father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen



First : The Annunciation
Second : The Visitation
Third : The Nativity
Fourth : The Presentation
Fifth :  The Finding of Jesus in the temple

First : The Agony in the Garden
Second : The Scourging
Third : The Crowning with Thorns
Fourth : The Carrying of the Cross
Fifth : The Crucifixion

First : The Resurrection
Second : The Ascension
Third : The descent of the Holy Spirit
Fourth : The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Fifth : The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

LUMINOUS  (Mysteries of Light)
First : His Baptism in the Jordan,
Second : His  self-manifestation at the wedding of Cana.
Third : His proclamation of the kingdom of God, with his call to conversion.
Fourth : His Transfiguration, and finally,
Fifth : His institution of the Eucharist, as the sacramental expression of the Paschal Mystery

Prayer after each mystery
O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, and lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in the most need of your mercy.

Hail Holy Queen

          Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, Hail our life, our sweetness and our hope. To you do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears. Turn then O most gracious advocate, your eyes of mercy towards us: and after  this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.

Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
God the Father in heaven,                                          Have mercy on us
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
God the Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity, One God,
Holy Mary,                                                                    Pray for us
Holy Mother of God,                                                             ”
Holiest of all Virgins                                                              ”
Mother of Christ,                                                                 ”
Mother of the Church                                                           ”
Mother of God’s gift to men,                                                  ”
Mother all pure,                                                                   ”
Mother inviolate,                                                                  ”
Mother all chaste,                                                                ”
Mother undefiled,                                                                 ”
Mother worthy of our love,                                                     ”
Mother worthy of our admiration,                                             ”
Mother of good counsel,                                                         ”
Mother of our Creator,                                                            ”
Mother of our Saviour,                                                            ”
Virgin all prudent,                                                                   ”
Virgin all venerable,                                                                ”
Virgin all renowned,                                                                ”
Virgin all powerful,                                                                  ”
Virgin all mild,                                                                        ”
Virgin all faithful,                                                                   ”
Mirror of justice,                                                                   ”
Seat of wisdom,                                                                   ”
Means of our joy,                                                                 ”
Vessel of the Holy Spirit,                                                       ”
Exalted vessel,                                                                    ”
Glorious vessel of holiness,                                                    ”
Mystical Rose,                                                                    ”
Tower of David,                                                                  ”
Tower of ivory,                                                                   ”
House of gold,                                                                    ”
Ark of the covenant,                                                           ”
Gate of heaven,                                                                 ”
Morning star,                                                                     ”
Health of the sick,                                                              ”
Refuge of sinners,                                                              ”
Comforter of the afflicted,                                                   ”
Help of Christians,                                                              ”
Queen of angels,                                                                ”
Queen of patriarchs,                                                            ”
Queen of prophets,                                                              ”
Queen of apostles,                                                               ”
Queen of martyrs,                                                                ”
Queen of confessors,                                                            ”
Queen of virgins,                                                                  ”
Queen of all saints,                                                               ”
Queen conceived without original sin,                                       ”
Queen taken into heaven,                                                       ”
Queen of the Holy Rosary,                                                       ”
Queen of the family,                                                               ”
Queen of peace,                                                                    ”
Queen beauty of Carmel,                                                         ”

Lamb of God who take away the sin of the world
–   Spare us, O Lord.

Lamb of God who take away the sin of the world
–   Graciously hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God who take away the sin of the world
–   Have mercy on us.

  1. Pray for us, holy Mother of God.
    R.        That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Defend, we pray you Lord, by the intercession of Blessed Mary ever Virgin, this family from all harm, and mercifully deign to protect from the snares of the enemy those who prostrate themselves before you. Through Christ our Lord. Amen


In the name of the Father…

Most Holy Spirit,

Help us to relive, in union with Mary, the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries of Jesus. Amen.

Grant us that we may be

Inspired the faith of our Baptism,
Nourished by the Eucharist,
Renewed in the grace of Pentecost.

So as to live:

In word and deed
Always and everywhere,
As faithful witnesses of Christ and of the love of his Divine Heart. Amen.


We pray for: the Church, the World, our intentions:-

Our Father.(After every mystery, say- 3 Hail Mary.. Glory be.)


The Annunciation
The Visitation
The Nativity

The Agony of Jesus
Jesus carries his Cross
The Crucifixion of Jesus

The Resurrection
The Pentecost
The Assumption

St. Joseph, Guardian of the Holy Family protect us.
St. Michael the Archangel from the powers of Evil, defend us.
All the Angels and Saints,

Pray for us.

  1. “O Mary teach us how to say “YES” to the Lord.
    R.        O Mary, every moment of our life.
  2. O Mary teach us to say “THANK YOU” to the Lord.
    R. O Mary, every moment of our life.”