Chronicles of Guardian Angels Parish



August 14th:

Arrival of Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza OCD as administrator of the Parish at 1.30 pm at YVR airport. Fr. Jerald D’Souza welcomes Fr. Rudy to the Rectory at 4 pm.

August 15th & 16th:

Fr. Jerald D’Souza introduces Fr. Rudolf to the parishioners during all the masses and gives a short profile of his life. A meeting of all the parishioners was arranged at the basement of the Rectory and a short felicitation program was organized.

October 2nd:

The 60th Anniversary of the Church celebrated. Archbishop Michael Miller CSB was the main celebrant along with Msgr. Jensen and Msgr. Mark Hagemoen and Fr. Jerald D’Souza.

November 15th:

First Meeting of the Renovation of the Church Sanctuary is held and a team of 10 members headed by Mr. Charles Atkinson and Arie Smiths gathers for deliberations at the Rectory Basement hall with the presence of Fr. Rudolf.

December 15th:

The meeting of the Renovation Committee decides to shift the Tabernacle to the Centre of the Church. Meetings are held every month on how to renovate the altar and other important matters of beautification of the Church. The discussion to have a huge Crucifix to be installed in the centre was proposed and the members were keen on getting a Crucifix either from the USA or from India, whichever financially is viable.


May 19th:

Fr. Rudolf is solemnly installed as the Parish Priest by Archbishop Michael Miller CSB and Monsignor Jensen concelebrated the Holy Eucharistic celebration.

July 27th:

The 50th Birthday Jubilee of Fr. Rudolf Celebrated in the Millennium Hall of the parish. Archbishop Michael Miller, Monsignor Jensen and other priests along with a big number of parishioners present for the celebration at 6 pm.

August 28th:

Fr. Rudolf dissolves the Church Renovation Committee in consultation with Archbishop Michael Miller CSB and Monsignor Jensen. A letter was sent to all the members that the Renovation Committee stands cancelled from August 28th onwards.

September 8th:

Renovation work of the Church begins headed by the Secretary of the Parish with the help of some engineers who gave us feedback on how to quickly finish this task. The back wall of the Church is painted into a beautiful mural for the Church and the shifting of the Tabernacle to the center is done with a new altar and a platform to hold the Tabernacle altar bit higher than the Eucharistic Altar was built. This  work is enhanced by decking the Church with the new Carpet. The Two flying Guardian Angels were installed by Mr. Bernie Petit. The old Confessional is shifted to the back of the Church from the right side of the Altar.

October 2nd:

Archbishop Michael Miller inaugurates newly renovated Church on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Church. Special thanks to Helen Chua Tiampo and her family for their generous help towards this renovation of Church.

November 9th:

The two huge Round Stained Glass windows were fixed in the nave of the Church. The new Confessional is furnished, and a portion of the room is furnished as part of the Children’s playing room.


February 24th:

The new Kitchen in the Rectory was installed.

March 15th onwards

The lawn and Garden of the Church yard was refurbished with new plants and new lawn grass. We thank Mark Cullen and family for sponsoring this task of the Church.

April 10th:

The Easter Candle stand was replaced with a new Bronze one.

April 25th:

The Tabernacle Light was replaced with a new Bronze one.

March 25th onwards:

First Stain Glass Window fixed by Andrew Macausland from (Toronto). The Stain Glass windows most of them are donated by Helen Chua Tiampo.

July 25th:

The fixing of the Stained Glass Windows ends and Archbishop Michael Miller CSB inaugurates the Stained Glass Windows and gives a wonderful message appropriate to the occasion.

25th October – 10th November:

The entire Church Roof was repaired and completed in 15 days.


19th March:

The first Neocatecuminal community Catechesis begins more than 30 members are initiated to this spiritual program.

April 1st – April 20th:

The lighting of the Church was upgraded with new lights replacing the old ones. This time additional lights were also installed.

8th April:

A new Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes was inaugurated and blessed by Fr. Rudolf. The work of the Grotto was an initiative of our parishioner Mr. Bernie Petit. We are grateful to him.

5th May:

The New office table was installed and other important upgrade takes place in the office.

12th May:

The first Neocatechuminal Convivence (live in experience) at Squamish with Fr. Vittorio at Squamish takes place. Approximately 24 members gather for this wonderful time of renewal and God-Experience.

24th May:

The roof of the Rectory is being repaired by Cambie Roofing as it was under guarantee. They do a perfect job.

25th June:

The 25th Jubilee Celebration of Fr. Rudolf’s Priesthood by the Deanery Priests at the Millennium Hall. Monsignor Hagemoen and Monsignor Stephen Jensen were the main guests along with other 15 priests from the Deanery.

September 11th:

Carmelites inaugurate the Little Flower Formation House in North Deroche Road. Archbishop Michael Miller CSB blesses the Foundation and approximately 250 people gather for the function.

December 15th:

Bernie Petit begins to work at a new Crib for Christmas. He orders some special statues to enhance its beauty.


 January 23rd:

The first meeting of the building of Little Flower Monastery takes place along with Mr. Francis Wong and Mr. John Clark the Architect. First Draft of application for rezoning of the land is conceived.


Easter Sunday grand Luncheon served to the local poor and homeless in the Millennium Hall of the Parish on Easter Sunday noon.

July 16th:

Celebration of the Mount Carmel Feast on July 15th takes  place. The Parish was honored with the presence and blessings Bishop Gary Gordon of White Horse Diocese. Dinner was served after the mass and scapulars were distributed to the faithful. A rough plan of the Carmelite Monastery was presented to the people on this occasion.

September 6th:

Pastoral Visitation by Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, the Provincial of Karnataka Goa Province from 2nd to 6th September.

September 12th:

Final Settlement of the Donated Pipe Organ was handed over to St. Patrick’s Church – Main Street Vancouver. Guardian Angels Church had to spend over 50,000 CAD$ for its final settlement.


The Third batch of Neo-Catechumen members are accepted into the group.


Renovation of the Rectory kitchen and living room completed. A new washing machine and drier installed.

December 25th

Luncheon organized for the poor and homeless on 25th December.

On December 27th:

A grand ground breaking ceremony was organized at 10789 North Deroche Road (Carmel Hill) with the presence of 150 parishioners from Guardian Angels Church and the Secular Carmelites were present.


 January 12th:

Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society is formed to aid the works of the Carmelites in Canada.


A report of the Sandwich program by Guardian Angels Church for the local poor was published in the BC Catholic. The volunteers served approximately 38500 sandwiches in the year 2013


For Ash Wednesday a wooden Cross was installed in the Sanctuary to remind the faithful of the days of penance and sacrifices. Three days of Lenten Reflections accompanied by the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist preached by Fr. Rudolf and from this week onwards his Sunday Homilies are uploaded on YOUTUBE regularly.


2nd Weekend Couples for Christ (CFCFFL) begin their Evangelization program for the parishioners. A program is organized in the Millennium Hall of the Parish.


On Easter Sunday the neighboring Homeless and Poor are served Easter Luncheon at the Millennium Hall of the parish.

May 24th:

New Adoration book for Guardian Angels Church was introduced for use on First Fridays.


New set of surveillance Cameras are installed in various places in the Church, Rectory basement and around the Church to protect God’s Children.


Renovation at the Rectory laundry and kitchen washroom is completed

September to November:

Catholicism Series of 10 Episodes is being screened for the parishioners every Tuesday till 25th November 2014.

September 29th:

Rev. Fr. Rajesh Madtha OCD comes to reside at Guardian Angels Church and begins his work as Chaplain at St. Paul’s Hospital.

October 14th:

Canadian Carmelites Community members gather at Guardian Angels Church for the profession of Fr. Alfredo Pereira and Bro. Josef Giroux. 27 priests gathered for celebration of the Holy Eucharist along with Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao and Fr. Steven Watson Provincial superior from California Province of the Carmelites.


For the first time Calendars of Guardian Angels Parish for the year 2015 with the stain Glass windows’ photos is released and distributed to the parishioners. A new Crib was installed by Mr. Bernie Petit in our Church.



Fr. Rudolf publishes his 30th publication: Seek and You will Find, a book on prayer and spirituality.


Lenten preparation by Video Screening of Seven Virtues and Vices by Fr. Robert Barron. It was well attended and the faithful appreciated the spiritual help they received.


Seismic Assessment is done by Engineer Villaraza from Philippians. New gardening administrator of is appointed. Mr. Rick begins the work to keep the lawns and plants neat and tidy.


Doors of the Confessional and the Crying room are renovated with full glass to protect God’s Children.


Parish office is upgraded with the security system and automatic doors installed. The gates and the upper portion of the grills of the gates was secures with extra aluminum protective bars.


The roof above the rectory kitchen and sacristy are renovated by Cambie Roofing. First CARMEL HILL bulletin is released on July 16th, on the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at St. Edmund’s Church and on July 19th the bulletin is distribute to the parishioners at Guardian Angels Church.


October 15th, grand inauguration of the Carmel Hill Monastery took place at North Deroche Road. Two busloads of people from Guardian Angels Parish attended the function. Archbishop Michael Miller CSB, Bishop Henry from Calgary and Bishop David Monroe from Kamloops were present along with Fr. Charles Serrao (Provincial). Approximately 750 people participated in this inauguration ceremony. Fr. Rudolf’s 31st publication THE WAY LESS TRAVELLED is released during the program.


On 23rd of this month we officially stop the sandwich program due to problems we faced Vancouver Municipality as they did not want us to dump in their bins and they expected us to pay more for such services. Since the financial situation of the Parish did not permit us to spend more money on this program we stopped the program. Moreover, many parishioners and neighbors complained for their safety and safety of the Church campus because of stealing items from the Church. Information was sent to the Archdiocese regarding this decision.


The Guardian Angels Parish road side sign was installed. In spite of the protest letters from our neighbors to Vancouver municipality the sign has been a great blessing to the Church.


On December 27th we organized a grand 90th Birthday party for Helen Chua Tiampo the benefactor of Little Flower Monastery and the benefactor of Guardian Angels Church. The party was attended by more than 75 people from our Parish.



On 25th January we installed a new boiler to the Rectory basement for hot water supply. The old one became obsolete due to corrosion.


New Xerox Machine was installed for printing the bulletins of the Parish.


The final edition of the Little Flower Monastery souvenir was completed by Fr. Rudolf and Mrs. Molly Dias the Secular Carmelite President.


We installed new bulbs to the entire church. The roof leak was fixed by Cambie Roofing.



March 10th onwards Daily Gospel Reflections were podcast on Living Flame website, Facebook.


A bollard at the rectory basement area was fixed to prevent the garbage trucks hitting our rectory roof and wall. This work was successfully completed by the Knights of Columbus members. We are grateful to them for this service to the Church.


May 12th onwards we renovated and painted the exterior of the entire Church. This money was donated by an anonymous donor to the Church. The Stain Glass windows were washed and cleaned.


Archbishop Michael Miller CSB confers confirmation on 5 candidates from our parish on June 29th during 4 pm mass. It was a grand celebration.


We installed new sound system in the Church costing nearly 9,000 dollars. The system also was upgraded with new wiring etc.


The external water connection at the rectory basement was repaired. Besides the plumbers fixed the faucet in the basement kitchen. The external supply of water was secured for winter season so that the cold weather may not break pipes.

In the second week onwards, Daily Rosary Recitation in the Church after the morning mass was introduced by Allyson one of the enthusiastic Secular Carmelites.


On 2nd October we inaugurated much awaited new  Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. This was donated by an anonymous donor. The new water feature was added to the joy and happiness of the parishioners. We had a grand parish feast celebration in the Millennium hall adjacent to the Millennium tower.


In this month new landscapers take charge of maintaining our gardens around the rectory and the Church.


New lighting at the Grotto of Our Lady is planned. A few new plants are planted in the area of the Grotto.


Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza OCD
Guardian Angels Church
1161 Broughton Street – Vancouver    


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