Fr. Provincial’s Visit to Canada

On 24th October 2014 Rev. Fr. Provincial arrived in Vancouver and began his visitation at St. Edmund’s Church Community. 27th evening a grand celebration was organised at St. Edmund’s Church to solemnly begin the meeting of all the Carmelites. The Secular Carmelites with the parish team arranged the liturgy and Fr. Charles being the main celebrant, Fr. Rudolf preached the homily. Fr. Jerald D’souza the Superior of the community introduced each priest of Canada Region and offered a token of love to each member. At the end of the mass all sang Salve Regina and the days program ended with a sumptuous meal served by St. Edmund’s community.

On 28th we began our community meeting with the mass. Fr. Ranjan preached the homily and Fr. Charles was the main celebrant. The meeting began at 10 am with the reading of the report of the previous meeting and after a few corrections Fr. Charles gave an introductory talk and began congratulating all the fathers for their tireless service towards the Province working here in Canada. The contributions were highly appreciated by Fr. Charles. He also mentioned the wonderful initiatives of the members and put on record Fr. Archi’s active role in giving his full support to the regional development.
In the evening Fr. Charles and the priests were invited to Archbishop Michael Millers annual fundraising dinner at Hyatt hotel in downtown Vancouver. Archbishop mentioned the presence of Fr. Charles during the dinner talk.

29th October was a grand day for the Carmelites of Karnataka Goa Province as Fr. Alfredo Pereira and Bro. Josef Giroux were making the first profession. The total number of priests concelebrated the mass were 27. After the grand liturgical celebrations people were invited for a sumptuous dinner at the Millennium Hall of Guardian Angels Church arranged by Fr. Rudolf and the parish team.

30th October after the morning mass all members headed to Carmel Hill in the Mission – British Columbia. After an hour long drive we arrived to greet the First Nation Representatives who have to consent to begin the building work. After a long meeting with them food was arranged and a few photos were clicked and Fr. Charles spoke a few words of encouragement and assured the First Nations our support. Fr. Rudolf thanked all and hoped to that this meeting would result in getting the final push to start the building work as early as possible. Mr. Francis Wong introduced the Secular Carmelite members a vision developed that could shape the future of Carmel hill with their Carmelite houses in the property.

31st October Fr. Charles leaves for India via Frankfurt and Vienna.

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